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KRUK enters the mortgage debt market

date: 02-04-2014

The KRUK Group has made an investment of PLN 230m to buy a portfolio of mortgage-backed debt with a total nominal value of PLN 710m from Getin Noble Bank S.A.more

  • Record recoveries from purchased debt portfolios of the KRUK Group

    date: 12-03-2014

    The KRUK Group, leader of the debt management market in Central Europe (WSE Ticker: KRU) has once again posted very strong results, as disclosed by the just-released consolidated financial figures for 2013:more

  • Why are we in debts increasingly often?

    date: 04-02-2014

    Urgent spending, hosting holidays for family, or simply careless spending may drive us into real financial distress. Easily accessible credit cards, quick loans, or hire purchases make it more difficult to maintain financial discipline.more

  • Financial horoscope for 2014

    date: 16-12-2013

    Year 2014 is just around the corner, and we are going to greet it with new resolutions and expectations. Surely many of you ponder: what new and unexpected will happen to us? What will be our fate in the next months?more

  • KRUK Group's financial performance beats market expectations

    date: 11-11-2013

    In Q3 2013, the KRUK Group posted a net profit of PLN 29.5m on the back of revenue of PLN 103.3m. This means a year-on-year increase in the Group's net profit and revenue of 35% and 21%, respectively.more

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