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  • First edition of “Financial Courier”

    date: 30-07-2015

    We would like to present you the first edition of “Financial Courier” – the magazine we’ve prepared for our clients. In its form “Courier” is similar to tabloids and free everyday newspapers, for example “Metro”.more

  • Simple methods for summer savings

    date: 22-07-2015

    Accumulation of expenses and non-punctuality in paying off basic fees are the most frequent causes of indebtedness. According to research conducted by Millward Brown for the KRUK Group, this problem touches over 14% of our society.more

  • Just to make the ends meet, that is the Poles on the brink of… insolvency

    date: 29-05-2015

    The Poles cover over 90 percent of their basic and most frequent expenses from their monthly incomes. Just one in five Poles finances holidays, redecoration, purchase of domestic appliances, car repair or organisation of wedding from savings.more

  • I do not want to, but I have to - about loans of the Polish people

    date: 11-05-2015

    Every third Pole at least once in his/her lifetime raised a credit or took out a loan and 13% of respondents are going to raise a credit in near future.more

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