KRUK Group is a financial player whose core business is the management of debt (both owned and outsourced by our Business Partners) in three segments: consumer (unsecured), mortgage-backed and SME/Corporate (both secured and unsecured), resulted from various economical areas: banking, insurance, leasing, telecommunication, cable TV, digital platform, utility and FMCG. 

KRUK Group is a leader in the Central European market and holds recent presence in new countries in Western Europe as well. Currently, we are covering the following markets:  

  • Poland: market leader with 18 years of track record;
  • Romania: leader of the debt purchase market with 9 years of track record;
  • Czech Republic and Slovakia: successful launch of operations in 2011, currently holding a strong position on the debt purchase markets;
  • Germany: successful launch of operations in 2014, first NPL transaction completed in 2015;
  • Italy: successful launch of operations in 2015, with significant investments in unsecured NPL portfolios, as well as acquisition of an operational platform.
  • Spain: successful launch of operations in 2015, with an active presence in the NPL purchasing segment of unsecured receivables.
Our clients are people struggling with indebtedness. We build positive relations with them and help them to regain their financial creditability. We stand in line with social and legal norms of debt repayment.
KRUK seeks to achive the No. 1 position in the world in terms of market value among listed companies from our industry. We exceed the expectations of clients and Business Partners by building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with them. We set new directions on the finacial market by doing what we can the best at in the world, which motivates us to action and builds the company’s value. We create an amazing and efficient work enviroment for positive people with passion.