Step one

Read carefully the received documents

They contain the most important information on the debt: the basis thereof, i.e. where did the debt generate and what is its amount, date of repayment, and the number of the account to which the amounts are to be paid. The letter informing about arrears also contains the case number, which will be useful during an interview with a KRUK adviser.

Step two

Contact us as soon as possible

It is best to call us and have an honest conversation about your financial situation. The adviser will help you find the best solution. Remember, the sooner the better. The debt is increased by interest every day and the creditor can take the case to court or enter you on the list of debtors of an economic information bureau at any time. Why expose yourself to additional costs and trouble when the case can be solved with one phone call.   

Step three

Sing an instalment agreement

The debt is so large that you cannot afford repayment? A KRUK adviser will help you split your debt into instalments tailored to your financial capabilities. This way, by signing an instalment agreement, you will avoid many problems and unpleasantness, e.g. taking the case to court, enforcement proceedings, and entry into an economic information bureau. Check the benefits of debt repayment in instalments. Talk about it with our adviser.

Step four

Pay instalments regularly

Make a standing order at your bank or find another way to remember about the payment of instalments. An instalment is a much lighter burden than the repayment of debt in a single payment, therefore you will be able to pay it every month. This will enable you to get out of debt smoothly, step by step. This way you will regain peace of mind and in an instance you will enjoy a life without debt. You can also see your agreement on the Internet.

Since 2008, KRUK has been present on the market. In that time we have helped many people to leave their debts behind. We are aware that running into debts is often caused by fortuitous events like losing your job, illness, unexpected expenses, or even currency movements. Sometimes the reason can be also an overestimation of one's potential and incurring liabilities that later on are impossible to pay off. We also know that going into debts isn't permanent and sooner or later one eventually is "out of the woods." All you need is just to make some effort and be willing to talk frankly with a financial advisor. That is why to all those that went into debts without acting in bad faith or fell victim to a fraud, we offer an amicable way of getting out of debts. What does that mean? It means that we are willing to talk with our Customers to find consensus and possible to meet conditions of paying the debts, tailored to the financial potential of our customers. Without unnecessary stress, additional expenses to cover the costs of legal proceedings or debt enforcements, or the risk of being registered by the economic information bureau, owing to which our customers gradually—step by step—walk out of the financial "woods" and solve their problems with debts. See for yourself and contact our advisor. See, what we have to offer.
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