What our clients say

Mental attitude is key
"Most of us probably have, or will fall into debt. Unfortunately, we live in a country in which it is difficult to earn a solid life without the help of your family or friends. I am mainly talking about financial support here. Sure - debts can be avoided, but I don't think it likely, considering my experience and..."
Consistency and determination
"I wish to describe how I helped my mother, a 62-year old retired woman, repay her debits on two credit cards that she couldn't  settle for 2 years due to low income and high interest on those cards.The total value of the debt on both cards amounted to almost 2 thousand zloty, which for a retired person, whose..."
I am watching every penny and teaching children how to save money
"Like most people in our times, I too found myself in a situation where my expenses would exceed the budget. As a 21-year old girl I gave birth to a child. It was tough: my husband's salary barely allowed us to make ends meet. A child is an expensive joy, and we sometimes couldn't afford milk or diapers. I..."
One day my world collapsed
"One day my life simply fell apart. Being 29 years old, I learned that I am severely sick. I wasn’t really thinking about anything at that time, apart from praying that a miracle happens and that I regain my health. I would have sacrificed all I had at that time to get another chance to live. Tiring visits at..."
Money does not bring happiness...
"In 2008 a crisis came, which - as the TV would then assure - shouldn't affect our country. My husband, who previously worked in banking for many years, was running a business dealing with credit advisory. He had two offices opened and employed personnel. When the crisis stroke, it turned out that remuneration from..."
Think twice, consider before you buy something
"I too would like to share my story on repaying debt and saving money. I have used my method for 20 years now, and despite my friends laughing at it, and others saying they wouldn't be able to handle it, to me it is a great thing and works every time. This method has caused me to avoid any serious trouble - well, I..."
It will be difficult at the beginning but keep on fighting
"My problem with debts started when I was still young. I wanted to have too much in life, but worked too little to do anything about it. That’s why I took my first loan with particular ease. Subsequent credit cards and pointless expenses drew me into a financial ruin. One day I realized that my life will soon..."
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