It will be difficult at the beginning but keep on fighting

My problem with debts started when I was still young. I wanted to have too much in life, but worked too little to do anything about it. That’s why I took my first loan with particular ease. Subsequent credit cards and pointless expenses drew me into a financial ruin. One day I realized that my life will soon turn into a loophole of debt, and my silly habits could destroy my entire life! I seeked advice of friends, experts who were qualified to get me out of this mess! I started my financial fight with the following:

  • Making a firm decision on stopping to incur any further loans, even the smallest ones among my friends. The steps related to this resolution were tough, but were starting to bring success.
  • I handed all my credit cards to a friend, and then started repaying them systematically.
  •  At a free time I found a small part-time job, the income from which I directed to a security fund. I would put aside small sums of money for unexpected expenses.
  • I changed my attitude to life, which had been the reason for the problem in the first place!

It won’t be easy in the beginning, but fight for what I have fought for almost 2 years! It paid back! I currently have no problems with loans, credit cards, installment plan purchases or basic liabilities!

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