In KRUK we help repay debts. Every person who has a debt with KRUK Group may suggest their own, most favourable repayment terms. We will adjust to your financial capabilities and help free yourself from debt. 
Our customers, i.e. people in debt, are the most important to us. We treat them with respect and understanding for their difficult situation. We feel that there is always a way to come to an agreement.
We are willing to spread the due debt into instalments tailored to our customers' financial capabilities. Thus, step by step, they can find solutions to their financial problems.
Each case is viewed upon individually. We advise, explain the difficult issues, analyse the financial situation together and seek for the best solutions.
We have implemented several types of educational solutions aimed at broadening the knowledge the Poles have on the subject of finances and debts. Amongst others, we are the initiator of the Day without Debts, i.e. an annual educational event encouraging to pay one's debts. We also prepare educational materials, e.g. guides or comic books for children.

„This in an open, inviting company, willing to go along with.”

"I doubted this whole KRUK business, but it turned out just superb. I was afraid of high instalments. But then, when they finally sent them, we all felt satisfied with the solution.”

„They are very understanding, but you have to talk with them. They go out to the people with their offer. They won't force you, just adjust the instalments to your capabilities.”

”The debt collector can take half of your salary because he has the right to do anything he wants; it's hard to reach any agreement with him. KRUK is much more willing to come to an agreement.”

”They reach out to people, the send you specially prepared forms to fill out, and even a return envelope.”

”They employ normal people, who are willing to help.”

”I've signed the agreement and my case is finally coming to some positive end. Slowly, but I'll manage somehow.”

”I've decided to join KRUK, and the company helps me to pay off my debt nicely; otherwise, I'd be on the debt collector's list already. Some gentleman phoned me, then come to my house. We had a cultural conversation and I've already paid my first instalment. I am most pleased. One can now sleep well at night.”

”KRUK company has been very helpful and you could say that they've virtually saved my family's lives. We were paying back regularly until we were finally out of the woods.”


We are involved in debt servicing. We want to facilitate the repayment of debt by our customers and help them keep their finance on an even keel. Our pro-settlement strategy has been developed to meet our customers' needs. It enables debtors to get out of debt in a convenient and optimum manner adjusted to their individual situations. Each day we make every effort to understand our customers' needs and expectations. We analyse their needs, expectations, and satisfaction with the contact and solutions offered by our Group on a regular basis. Currently we are looking for new possibilities and methods that would meet the expectations placed upon us even more efficiently and help debtors return to the business trading market and regain financial credibility in less time.

Our actions are targeted at building positive and long-term relations with our customers. We know that once we establish good relations, in most of the cases the story of indebtedness will have a happy ending. We want there to be more similar stories!

Kruk Group has also signed the Principles of Good Practices developed by the Conference of Financial Companies (KPF) in Poland - a professional association we are a member of. This document describes the ethical principles which should underpin the activity of financial companies.

We uphold the social and legal norms of debt repayment, always with respect for the people that we cooperate with.
No matter what we do, we stand up for our values.

We want to attract people who share our values and believe that the need to progress goes on no matter the circumstances, even when we succeed.

We believe in the ongoing improvement of our processes. We do not hesitate to call problems by their name and seek optimum solutions for their solving.

Mutual respect is the foundation of our business. We treat everyone as we would like to be treated.

Together we achieve more. We build partner relationships based on transparent rules. We call things by their name.

Everyone is accountable for one's decisions, actions or negligence and their consequences.

We constantly grow. Our inner need to progress goes on under any circumstances, even when we achieve success.

Simple is beautiful. We simplify our processes and eliminate waste. Done is better than perfect.

Debtors Support Programme Association was established in 2013 in Poznań. The main objective of the Association is free and confidential legal and psychological assistance for debtors. The Association provides individual advisory as well as educational and workshop groups. The initiative to help debtors was born in 2010, when a group of people started making efforts to help people caught in a debt spiral in an organise manner. The motivator for action was when more and more people started to visit psychologists' offices and self-help facilities. In cooperation with the Association, we have created a guide "How we got out of debts. Stories and advice of debtors". The guide was distributed not only to KRUK's customers but also to the persons struggling with the problem of ineptness throughout Poland.  On the Day without Debts in 2014, together with the representatives of the Association, we gave advice on how to get out of debt in a dedicated info stand at Poznań Główny railway station. And already in 2015 we jointly trained the employees of the Municipal Social Welfare Centre in Poznań.
The Society for Promotion of Financial Education (SKEF) with its registered office in Gdynia was established in 1997. The initiative to set up SKEF was the belief, based on everyday practice, in the need to take educational actions that will spread the knowledge about financial instruments and markets.  SKEF is the Polish representative of the European Consumer Debt Network, an international organisation operating in the European Union, bringing together the institutions conducting activities for the prevention of excessive indebtedness of society on our continent.  The objectives of the Society for Promotion of Financial Education are among others: initiating, conducting, and supporting the activities for financial education, protecting and providing assistance to consumers, cooperating with institutions, e.g. schools. KRUK Group cooperates with SKEF under the "My first money" programme. Together we have prepared 2 editions of the "What is debt?" and "How to deal with debt?" comic books dedicated to the pupils of primary schools. On the basis of the comic books, lessons were conducted in schools cooperating with SKEF. Together with the Society, we have also prepared information campaigns on the occasion of Day without Debts 2014. We gave advice on how to get out of debt at main railway stations in Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk, and Wrocław.
Debt Advisory Center is a nonprofit, non-governmental and Public Service Company, which provides free advice to consumers, especially in the situations when due to changes in their life situation they not able to pay their debts properly. They also seek to advise people how to be debt responsible, and avoid problems with proper and timely repayment of debts. Employees of the Debt Advisory Center are specialists in free processing of proposals for debt relief (insolvency proposals) - Personal bankruptcy by the Insolvency Act. Debt Advisory Center is a partner of the Day without debts.

RUBIKON Center, z.s. is a non-profit organization, which operates in the Czech Republic for 20 years in field of crime prevention and effective solutions for the consequences of the crimes. The association focuses on the people with criminal records and helping them with a new start in form of job searching and solving the debt problems. The center RUBIKON is a partner of the Day without debts.
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