KRUK’s estimated net profit for H1 2021 at PLN 396m
The Management Board of KRUK S.A. has announced in a current report today that preliminary estimates are putting the KRUK Group’s net profit for the six months to June 30th 2021 at PLN 396m. “If these estimates are confirmed and the...
KRUK returns to investing in Italy
Today, KRUK announced in a current report that it has entered into an agreement to purchase debt portfolios from UniCredit S.p.A. of Milan. KRUK has purchased unsecured retail debt with the nominal amount up to PLN 1.4bn (EUR 304m), including four...
KRUK shareholders approve payment of over PLN 200m in dividend
Today, in a current report, KRUK announced that the Company’s General Meeting adopted resolutions on, inter alia, payment of dividend of PLN 11 per share, allocating for this purpose PLN 81m of 2020 profits and PLN 125m of retained earnings....
2021 off to a good start for KRUK
The Management Board of KRUK S.A. has released today the Company’s Q1 2021 results, in line with earlier estimates. The KRUK Group’s consolidated net profit for Q1 2021 came in at PLN 127m, its best ever quarterly bottom-line...
KRUK to issue PLN 70m of bonds for retail investors
On May 20th 2021, KRUK published the Final Terms and Conditions of its Series AK3 bonds. The bonds will be distributed via a public offering at an issue price equal to their nominal value of PLN 100 per bond, with the aggregate nominal value not to...
H1 2021 results meeting with the Management Board of KRUK S. A.
Q1 2021 Results Conference Call
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