KRUK Group has been consistently acquiring NPLs from all asset classes (consumer unsecured loans, mortgage loans, SME/Corporate loans) since the end of 2002. Up to the end of Q3 2016, the Group acquired 499 NPL portfolios, amounting ~5.6 mln cases in value of 35 bln PLN, having as main source banking and non-banking financial products.

KRUK’s partners for its debt purchasing business line are the most important international and local banking groups, non-banking financial institutions and providers of non-financial services. Due to its longevity and professionalism, KRUK Group maintains business partnerships of 10 years or more, constantly aiming for long-term cooperation and mutually satisfactory advantages.

KRUK Group’s distinguishes itself through a high competitiveness thanks to its portfolio valuation capabilities. Considering all markets we are active in, as well as all the NPL segments we approached, we have assessed more than 2.000 NPL portfolios.

NPL Portfolio underwriting – performed through statistical analysis and advanced Due Diligence process. The underwriting team is located at the Group’s Headquarters, in order to maximize and streamline the entire process and benefit of the Group’s consolidated knowledge. The valuation is backed by confirmatory analysis, performed by local Operations Departments, whose role are to ensure consistency between the statistical prognosis and the reality and specificity of each collection market. Such teams are represented by experts in their field of activity, with deep knowledge of the regulatory civil and legal frameworks.

Due diligence process – performed for secured NPL portfolios and not only, executed by teams of lawyers and legal advisors, for an accurate underwriting of the portfolio.

Transaction completion – we strive for professionalism in each interaction we have with our Business Partners and we aim to ensure a smooth process from the early stages of each process, until the completion phase. As a result of our experience, all closed transactions have been deemed successful by our Business Partners, fact proven by the long-term partnerships we currently have with important international banking and financial institutions.  

Servicing of debt acquired either by, or in collaboration with other financial entities – KRUK Group offers a wide range of tools for managing the receivables on behalf of its partners, thanks to its comprehensive collection process, on the markets it operates in.

The aim of the amicable process is to recover the liability in the shortest time possible, with the use of the most effective tools for a given debt category.

The amicable process covers a very wide range of activities tailored to every customer. We use many tools adjusted to the nature of the receivables portfolio and the needs of our business partners. Thus, the package of debts accepted for management is each time analysed and the proper know-how, knowledge of the nature of the industry, and the process adjusted to the type of cases enables effective portfolio management and precise planning of debt collection activities. We also implement restructuring processes and sing agreements concerning instalment payment. As part of the amicable process, we put great emphasis on reaching the customer, establishing contact with him, and agreeing on a realistic possibility of debt repayment.

Objectives of the amicable process:

  • recover the debt in the shortest time possible
  • obtain information on the financial condition of the indebted person, forecast of the possibilities of debt repayment;
  • update contact details;
  • recover debts from indebted persons in respect of whom an ineffective process has been already conducted; 
  • determine the financial standing of the indebted person.

Advantages of the application of the amicable process: 

  • very high rate of reaching the customer;
  • improvement of the quality of the portfolio;
  • discipline of indebted persons;
  • limitation of the risk of generation of increased arrears in payments.

Monitoring of receivables is a quick, early, and effective response to irregularities in payments, including even delays of several days. At this early stage of management it is important to have the proper know-how and ready solutions taking into account the specific nature of early contact with the customer. Therefore, it is important to establish cooperation with a business partner who has the appropriate tools and process approach. Monitoring of liabilities uses mainly the Contact Centre technology. The key objective of contact is to restore the case to regular payments. The actions under the monitoring of liabilities are of a gentle nature and are based primarily on telephone contacts. The fact that at this stage the effectiveness of reaching and talking to the customer is close to 100% is crucial.

The tools used:

  • telephone contacts;
  • tex messages;
  • voice messages;
  • customised requests for payment.
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