PLN 805m in KRUK Group’s estimated net profit for 2022
The Management Board of KRUK S.A. has issued today a current report with a preliminary estimate of the KRUK Group’s 2022 net profit, which has been put at PLN 805m. “Our net profit estimate shows that the Group is in excellent...
KRUK wins another debt sale auction in Italy
On February 23rd 2023, KRUK announced that it had won an auction in Italy to purchase unsecured debt portfolios with a nominal value of approximately EUR 133m (PLN 632.3m, translated at the average exchange rate quoted by the National Bank of Poland...
KRUK to issue new bonds for retail investors
On February 1st 2023, KRUK published the Final Terms and Conditions of its Series AN3 bonds. The bonds will be issued in a public offering under the Ninth Bond Programme at the issue price equal to their nominal value. The issue price will be PLN...
KRUK places PLN 120m of bonds with institutional investors
KRUK has announced today that it allotted to investors PLN 120m worth of unsecured Series AL3 bonds. The bonds were issued to qualified institutional buyers under the First Prospectus-exempt Bond Issue Programme. The price per bond is equal to the...
On 3rd of January 2023, KRUK announced that it has entered into an agreement with CRIF Group entities for the sale of 100% of shares in ERIF BIG S.A. and 100% of shares in EBS Sp. z o.o. The transfer of title will take place after fulfilling formal...
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