KRUK posts PLN 277m in net profit and over PLN 1.1bn
KRUK S.A. has published its consolidated financial results for 2019: Net profit at PLN 277m, down 16% year on year Cash EBITDA at PLN 1.1bn, up 12% year on year Recoveries from purchased debt portfolios at PLN 1.8bn, up 13% year on...
Management Board's comment on the share price
In connection with a 10,6% decrease in the KRUK share price on February 13th 2020, the KRUK Management Board announces that no events occurred at the Company that could justify a significant price decline. At the same time, following press reports...
KRUK wins the tender to purchase bank debt portfolio in Italy
As previously announced, in the fourth quarter of this year KRUK resumed its investment activity on the Italian market. On December 13th 2019, ItaCapital S.r.l., a member company of the KRUK Group, won an auction to purchase a portfolio of unsecured...
KRUK wins the tender for the purchase of the bank debt portfolio
On October 25th 2019, PROKURA (a subsidiary of KRUK S.A.) won an auction for the purchase of a portfolio of secured and unsecured bank receivables, organised by one of the largest banks in Poland. PROKURA Niestandaryzowany Sekurytyzacyjny Fundusz...
KRUK after three quarters of 2019
On October 24th, KRUK announced its Q3 2019 financial results: Q1–Q3 2019 net profit came in at PLN 245m, representing 74% of the full-year 2018 figure. Performance in Q3 2019 improved by 12% compared with Q2 2019 and deteriorated by 14%...
KRUK finalises acquisition of GetBack’s assets in Romania
On October 16th 2019, KRUK finalised a debt assignment transaction on the Romanian secondary market, becoming the owner of a debt portfolio comprising more than 640 thousand cases. The assets were acquired from GetBack Recovery S.R.L. for PLN 37.4m,...
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