KRUK successful in the next auction in Poland
KRUK has won another auction to buy two portfolios from one of the biggest banks in Poland. The first portfolio with nominal value of PLN 147m contains consumer cases. The second one is a corporate portfolio with nominal value of PLN 187m. This is...
KRUK continues to buy in Poland
KRUK won another auction for a big portfolio from a Polish bank, consisting of consumer and SME cases. The nominal value of the portfolio is PLN 400m, 70% consumer. This is one of the biggest investments made by KRUK on the Polish market in recent...
CEO's letter: Time to pursue the most ambitious goals
The letter presented below is a part of Directors' Report on the Operations of the KRUK Group in 2017   Dear All, To me KRUK’s business is like a long distance run. For example, a marathon or a triathlon, both of which I...
Strong performance and expansion in Western Europe
KRUK, the Polish leader of Central Europe’s debt management market, has published its performance figures for 2017: Recoveries from purchased debt portfolios amounted to PLN 1.4bn, up 38% year on year. More than half of that sum was...
KRUK wins auction to purchase large debt portfolio in Poland
The KRUK Group has won an auction to purchase a major portfolio of unsecured retail debt with a nominal value of close to PLN 420m from Getin Noble Bank S.A.  “This is KRUK’s largest transaction in Poland this year and one of...
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