We form a unified, creative and an open team full of passion, which at the same time is not afraid of hard work and new challenges. Every person, regardless of the position held, is an important link in our organization. As a company, we ensure comfortable and friendly working conditions. Since we spend several hours a day at work, we want to take care of relationships and a friendly atmosphere, therefore we are on a first-name basis, and we help each other and learn something new every day. Mutual respect and values are a living element of our organizational structure. We value balance between professional and personal life and believe that the rest is equally important as work.
We work in an international environment. We cooperate with colleagues from Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy and Spain and other countries on a daily basis. The English language is the basis language of communication with foreign companies. We also value persons speaking other European languages, that is why we enable our employees to learn during work and offer co-financing of foreign language lessons. We cooperate with several prestigious language schools, which employ experienced and professional language teachers. Depending on the preferences and language skills, we offer lessons with a teacher or with a native speaker.

Nothing is impossible in KRUK! All depends on you and your motivation. You can constantly develop and search for the best place for yourself. Many people from our company started their work at the position of customer adviser in Contact Centre or in the Field. Currently they work in different departments, fulfilling their passions or are managers, head of departments or directors. We promote internal recruitment, giving the opportunity to take up higher positions in the organizational structure.

Check how it affects your development:

  • You improve your skills within an area, proving yourself in different roles.

  • You expand your knowledge, increase the level of difficulty of the performed tasks.

  • You participate in an increasing number of projects.

Set a goal and build your career path in KRUK!

Cooperation, creative thinking, and conceptual work - these are the main project slogans in our company.

If you participate in them:

  • You get to know the areas in the company and verify your interests and talents.

  • You learn how to delegate tasks, solve difficult cases, and motivate the team.

  • You have the opportunity to cooperate with different people in an international environment.

A project is a combination of theory and practice. You develop your analytical skills and techniques from the area of project management, and then you use them in real-life tasks. The projects also provide the development of social skills, such as building relations or solving conflicts in the group. The aspect of internationality is equally important. You cooperate with people from different countries, practice your language skills, learn about different cultures.

Check for yourself and join the projects conducted in KRUK! 

KRUK's wings reach new borders.

We operate on several European markets. And specifically in Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, and Spain. This is only the beginning of our international expansion. Everyone has the chance of promotion and development in foreign companies. You need to have the required qualifications and language skills and the change of country for a longer or shorter period may concern also you.

It is worth to work in another country because:

  • You will develop your intercultural skills.

  • You will expand your horizons and knowledge.

  • You will improve your language skills.

  • And, most importantly, you will share experience with co-workers from foreign companies.

Extend the boundaries of your development with KRUK!


We have not doubt that a unified and well-qualified team is a guarantee of success. That is why the pay particular attention to friendly relations in our company. In September 2013, we joined the international initiative being the Diversity Charter. As a signatory of the Charter, KRUK Group undertakes to: introduce a prohibition of discrimination in the workplace, take measures for the creation and promotion of diversity, be ready to involve all employed persons and business and social partners in those activities. We pay particular attention to equal treatment and ensuring equal access to work, promotions, and training. We also promote diversity among our employees in foreign companies, by applying the standards adopted by us in Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, and in other countries.


Anna Czerw-Burak
"I have started my professional career in one of the banks. I have gained my experience, first as an advisor offering banking products, later in the collection of debt claims sector, managing distributed structures. Soon, it became clear, that debt collection is much closer to me and that I find great satisfaction in..."
Artur Witek
"My history with KRUK began 15 years ago. It was a moment when I was looking for my first job (which considering the 14% unemployment rate in my home town was not easy). I asked myself a difficult question - what I want to do in life. Since I always liked to work with people, I took interest in the job offer for the..."
Ewa Kurek - Juś
"It all started 11 years ago with an announcement on the radio concerning a job offer for the position of "Telephone Negotiator". My adventure with KRUK's Contact Centre has started with this announcement and continues to this day. The package of training I received back then and the people who were..."
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