Anna Czerw-Burak - Region 5 Manager, Direct Customer Service Area

I have started my professional career in one of the banks. I have gained my experience, first as an advisor offering banking products, later in the collection of debt claims sector, managing distributed structures. Soon, it became clear, that debt collection is much closer to me and that I find great satisfaction in helping people in debt. I built long-term relationships with people in debt, gave them support and explained that being in debt was always temporary and that everyone deserved respect. The first effects showed really soon. The debtor stopped being one and became a potential customer.

Such experience made me realise that I wanted to work in debt collecting and that it didn't have to give a negative feedback. One can really like that kind of job. I started to look for a job in companies operating in the debt management sector, which was much harder than I thought it would be. After several tries, I've managed to get an employment at KRUK as a regional advisor. It was 2012. And it was worth it. Now, I am supporting and managing a 15-person team of regional advisors, holding the post of Regional Manager.

Working for KRUK, I feel safe, see career development possibilities, and enjoy work comfort. I hold dear the bonds between the employees, based on mutual respect and partnership. Lately, I became interested in landscape architecture and I decided to design my own garden. Prior to that, I would spend time—and still do—on motor-vehicle tourism activities and visit interesting places in Poland.

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