Ewa Kurek - Juś - Telephone Customer Service Director, Customer Service Processes Area

It all started 11 years ago with an announcement on the radio concerning a job offer for the position of "Telephone Negotiator". My adventure with KRUK's Contact Centre has started with this announcement and continues to this day. The package of training I received back then and the people who were responsible for our induction to new duties made me feel part of a unified team. Not only between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. but also during every meeting after working hours.

After less than two years an opportunity came to take part in a recruitment process for the position of Team Leader, I took a chance and... unfortunately did not get it. There were better candidates. Now thing about it: "what kind of a success story is it?". Well a good one! I did not give up! The company kept on developing, investing in the potential of its employees (cyclical workshops, training). Another opportunity came - this time it was a success! I became a team leader! I managed a team composed of twelve people, full of energy, open to new challenges and appreciating good cooperation. And I embarked on a completely new trip in my professional life. This chance enabled me to gain experience in an area I was completely unfamiliar with. All new experiences, challenges, especially the people with whom I had the opportunity to cooperate made me want to stay on this path and develop further. After 3 years I got another opportunity and became the manager of the Telephone Debt Collection Department.

In my professional work I have the opportunity to expand my knowledge, gain experience and new professional qualifications. My effectiveness and commitment to work are possible owing to fulfilment in personal life - my 4-year-old daughter and wonderful husband. My family gives me support and is the main source of my energy. 

In 2012 I took the position of Manager of the Telephone Customer Service Department. Currently I am working in an area where we make over 120 thousand phone calls to our customers per month. The team consists of over 200 Customer Advisers. Together we celebrate the successes, have fun, but also face new challenges. Why have I decided to tell my story? I wanted to show that work in a KRUK team means enormous possibilities for development, work in a friendly atmosphere, in a friendly team, and also the development of own potential and talents.

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