Artur Witek - Manager of the Southern District, Direct Customer Service Area

My history with KRUK began 15 years ago. It was a moment when I was looking for my first job (which considering the 14% unemployment rate in my home town was not easy). I asked myself a difficult question - what I want to do in life. Since I always liked to work with people, I took interest in the job offer for the position of Sales Representative placed by KRUK and decided to send an application. Despite being invited to a job interview, I did not go - after talking to my parents we came to the conclusion that it is does not make sense to drive 200 km for an interview. On the day of the interview a KRUK employee called me and proposed an interview at a different time. It was a second chance which this time I decided to take.

And this is how I got a job where I gain valuable experience as a sales representative. I visited companies that had problems with payments, I held meetings with the employees responsible for this matter and convinced them to use the services of a little-know at that time company KRUK. After half a year there was a significant change in my duties. I received information that I was to do field debt collection and I was given a company car - a 2-seater seicento van. I received requests for payment via mail, which I was supposed to deliver to "creditors". With strong concern and no experience in this field, I hit the field to deliver first requests for payment. My career as a field worker lasted 4 years - during that time I got better cars, first databases from which I printed the questionnaires with the data of debtors, forms, agreements, etc.

In 2005, a decision was made to create several districts and I won the competition for District Manager. For the next 7 years I managed Field Advisers in the Opole area, in the entire Silesia, Lódź, Lesser Poland, and Rzeszów and Lublin areas. It was another stage of my professional life - my adventure on a managerial position. It entailed numerous several-day field trips with employees, more frequent visits in the Headquarters, a lot of training, difficult decisions to implement, hundreds of thousands kilometres made.

In autumn 2012, as a result of the further development of field structures, I was appointed the Manager of the Southern District, the position I hold to date. I manage directly 7 districts employing 107 advisers and 7 district managers. 

Working at KRUK gives me satisfaction from achieved results, the possibility of continuous development and improvement of competences, as well as joy resulting from a good atmosphere and respect between co-workers. My passion (apart from KRUK) is my family; it gives me happiness and a a sense of stability in life. My second passion is road cycling - for several years now, cycling, watching races on television or supporting the cyclists live during Giro d’Italia or Tour de Pologne has been my great pleasure, which gives me a lot of fun and emotions. I strongly encourage you to work at KRUK - here you will find cooperation, respect, openness, ambitious goals, and continuous desire to develop and be the best.

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