KRUK S.A. is a leader of the debt management market. Over nearly two decades, we have grown from a small firm employing less than 20 staff into a global financial group, specialising broadly in debt management. Currently, the KRUK Group comprises a number of companies offering a comprehensive range of modern integrated services, which we are ready to tailor to the needs and expectations of our partners in order to recover payments owed to them.

On a mass scale, KRUK pursues a strategy focused on amicable settlements with its clients, i.e. debtors, spreading repayment of their debt over manageable instalments. Supported through media campaigns, the strategy aims to convince debtors to start talking with KRUK about repayment terms.

The Group’s core business is the management of debt purchased for the Group’s own account or outsourced for collection by other institutions. The Group manages debt in three segments:

  • consumer debt (unsecured),
  • mortgage-backed debt,
  • corporate debt.

The KRUK Group manages receivables of banks, loan brokers, insurers, leasing companies, landline and mobile telecommunications operators, cable TV operators, digital TV operators, and companies from the FMCG sector, but it focuses on the banking market, where it relies on long-term relations with its key accounts.

The Group’s presence in both the purchased debt and outsourced credit management segments provides it with an important competitive advantage based on operational synergies, and helps mitigate the risk related to debt portfolio purchases thanks to additional statistics from the credit management business.

The debt management business is supported by the Group’s law firm Kancelaria Prawna RAVEN and by ERIF BIG S.A., a credit reference bureau. The Group is also developing the Novum loan service, offered to clients who previously repaid their debts towards the Group.

In 2007, the Group launched its operations on the Romanian market, and in 2011 − on the Czech and Slovak markets. KRUK Deutschland was established in 2014 and a year later KRUK bought its first debt portfolios in Germany. Also in 2015, two more companies were established − in Italy and Spain. KRUK acquired its first debt portfolio on the Italian market still in 2015, and on the Spanish market − early in 2016.

At the end of 2019, all the KRUK Group companies employed over 3 thousand staff, which means the Group’s headcount more than trebled relative to 2007. On May 10th 2011, KRUK S.A. shares were floated at the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the share price was set at a level of below PLN 40. 

KRUK Group’s key strategic objectives

KRUK SA shareholding at December 1st 2020
Shareholder Number of Shares Share in the share capital (%) Share of the total vote (%)
Shareholder Piotr Krupa Number of Shares 1 827 613,00 Share in the share capital (%) 9,63 Share of the total vote (%) 9,63
Shareholder Other Board members Number of Shares 133 620,00 Share in the share capital (%) 0,70 Share of the total vote (%) 0,70
Shareholder Nationale-Nederlanden PTE* Number of Shares 2 457 398,00 Share in the share capital (%) 12,95 Share of the total vote (%) 12,95
Shareholder Aviva OFE* Number of Shares 1 788 000,00 Share in the share capital (%) 9,42 Share of the total vote (%) 9,42
Shareholder PZU OFE* Number of Shares 1 856 437,00 Share in the share capital (%) 9,79 Share of the total vote (%) 9,79
Shareholder Allianz OFE Number of Shares 1 009 299,00 Share in the share capital (%) 5,32 Share of the total vote (%) 5,32
Shareholder Others Number of Shares 9 899 444,00 Share in the share capital (%) 52,18 Share of the total vote (%) 52,18

(*) Joint possession of Nationale-Nederlanden OFE and Nationale-Nederlanden DFE managed by Nationale-Nederlanden PTE S.A. (pension fund);

Our clients are people struggling with indebtedness. We build positive relations with them and help them to regain their financial creditability. We stand in line with social and legal norms of debt repayment.
KRUK seeks to achive the No. 1 position in the world in terms of market value among listed companies from our industry. We exceed the expectations of clients and Business Partners by building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with them. We set new directions on the finacial market by doing what we can the best at in the world, which motivates us to action and builds the company’s value. We create an amazing and efficient work enviroment for positive people with passion.