Dividend policy

Dividend policy

The overriding objective of KRUK S.A. is to ensure sustainable growth of the Company and increase its value through profit growth and dividend payment while maintaining appropriate liquidity and observing the principles of sustainable development (ESG).

The Management Board’s intention is for KRUK to concurrently drive its value growth and make regular profit distributions to shareholders. The objective behind adopting the dividend policy is to carry into effect the Management Board’s intention and take account of KRUK’s status as a growth company paying out dividend based on clear and constant criteria for distribution of generated profits.

The Company’s Management Board expects that it will submit to the Annual General Meeting a recommendation to pay out dividend amounting to 30% or more of the KRUK Group’s consolidated net profit for a previous financial year, attributable to shareholders of the parent.

The Dividend Policy document is available here.

Historical data on profit distribution method


For 2014

For 2015

For 2016 For 2017 For 2018 For 2019*  For 2020 For 2021 For 2022

Total dividend paid/ share buyback

PLN 25.9m

PLN 35.5m

PLN 37.5m PLN 94.0 m PLN 94.7m

PLN 95.0m

PLN 206.1m PLN 248.7m PLN 289,8m

Price pre share in buyback

N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A PLN 350 N/A N/A N/A

Dividend paid per share

PLN 1.5

PLN 2.0

PLN 2.0 PLN 5.0 PLN 5.0 N/A PLN 11 PLN 13 PLN 15

Dividend record date

July 1st 2015

July 8th 2016

June 29th 2017 April 25th2018 July 2nd 2019 N/A June 24th 2021 April 21st 2022 September 7th 2023

Dividend/ buyback payment date

July 24th 2015

July 29th 2016

July 5th 2017 April 27th 2018 July 10th 2019

November 18th 2020

July 2nd 2021 April 28th 2022 September 28th 2023

*KRUK S.A. share buyback as distribution to shareholders

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