What our employees say

Ewa Kurek - Juś
"It all started 11 years ago with an announcement on the radio concerning a job offer for the position of "Telephone Negotiator". My adventure with KRUK's Contact Centre has started with this announcement and continues to this day. The package of training I received back then and the people who were..."
Artur Witek
"My history with KRUK began 15 years ago. It was a moment when I was looking for my first job (which considering the 14% unemployment rate in my home town was not easy). I asked myself a difficult question - what I want to do in life. Since I always liked to work with people, I took interest in the job offer for the..."
Anna Czerw-Burak
"I have started my professional career in one of the banks. I have gained my experience, first as an advisor offering banking products, later in the collection of debt claims sector, managing distributed structures. Soon, it became clear, that debt collection is much closer to me and that I find great satisfaction in..."
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