One day my world collapsed

One day my life simply fell apart. Being 29 years old, I learned that I am severely sick. I wasn’t really thinking about anything at that time, apart from praying that a miracle happens and that I regain my health. I would have sacrificed all I had at that time to get another chance to live. Tiring visits at doctors started; I was counting that they give me hope, but they wouldn’t give much of it. I, however, knew that I have my children, and it is for them that I overcame cancer. Unfortunately, all those examinations, medicines, surgery and crossings cost me all I had at that time. I spent whatever I could, even taking credits without thinking too much.

I was in a dramatic dilemma at that time: should I stop the medication or feed my children…. And yet, after a year of fight, I won. The nightmare had ended, but at the same time bailiffs started visiting me frequently, and constantly sending notices and orders. I would sometimes wonder why had I even fought so vigorously for me life, if it now turned into another hell – both for me and my children? I wouldn’t sleep much, I would be constantly stressed out; and so, one day, in the seek for a solution, I decided to call KRUK. I thought: you can cheat death, but you can’t cheat debt. I was impatiently waiting for someone to pick up the phone, and when I heard a pleasant voice on the phone, it was as if I was blessed. I told the person the reasons for my failure to repay the debts. I then showed all the required documents and promised to myself that I would now begin a new life of peace and stability. I realized that the folks working at KRUK are humans, like me and you, and – believe me – they really can help. I have obliged to get back on track within a year. And so it happened.

Now, I occasionally think what good a decision I have made at that time. To think that me – as a human – feared another human that in the end helped me like no other!

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