I am watching every penny and teaching children how to save money

Like most people in our times, I too found myself in a situation where my expenses would exceed the budget. As a 21-year old girl I gave birth to a child. It was tough: my husband's salary barely allowed us to make ends meet. A child is an expensive joy, and we sometimes couldn't afford milk or diapers. I sometimes would not eat to give food to my child. I was left alone with it, I didn't have a job, having to nurse the daughter permanently.

The rent, bills, food - all this cost a lot of money; I finally took the first loan. I got into the spiral: I would repay one debt with another. Finally I understood that taking another loan isn't going to help me, and will only make the situation worse. I set myself a clear goal in all this. I promoted at my job, and systematically repaid my debts, paying in 100-200 PLN monthly installments.

Now, I approach every purchase with reason. I have a partner who, like myself, counts every penny. We teach our children the art of saving money. Before you buy anything, make a shopping list, browse store catalogues at the web. Things like milk for the child or diapers should be bought at a discount, in high quantities. Buy food in amounts ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

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