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KRUK contacts people having a debt e.g. due to credits or loans, credit cards and current accounts, telephone, television or Internet subscription fees and many more. KRUK may establish contact on its own behalf or on behalf of the creditor who commissioned KRUK to recover the debt. The first contact of a KRUK's adviser with the debtor aims at joint agreement with the debtor on the best way of getting out of debt. 
For many years, KRUK has been involved in debt management and trading. We manage the debts of banks, insurers, and other financial institutions. Our aim is to assist debtors in the repayment and getting out of debts. 
e-Kruk is a free system for the management of liabilities without the necessity to leave home. If you have a debt in KRUK, you can check its balance, make sure that a payment was credited, make a transfer, conclude an agreement or contact our adviser at any time. The use of the service is anonymous, easy, and safe. Visit
In the letter received from KRUK with the information about the debt there is a number of the bank account and the envelope contains a payment with all the information about the payment. Payments can be made in the bank, via the electronic banking system, at the post office and in payment points, at RUCH newsstands (on the relevant payment form dedicated to payment made at RUCH), directly at KRUK's field advisers or in the company's seat at ul. Wołowska 8 in Wrocław. When making the payment, please write the case number in the description field. 
Yes, when you are abroad you can make a bank transfer to the account indicated in the letter and the payment form. It is best to make an electronic transfer or use the services of a company handling cross-border transfers.
The fastest way to do it is by telephone by calling +48 71 8888 000. You can also contact us by post, through the form available on the website or by sending an email to
For the safety and quality of our service, all telephone conversations are recorded. 
The conversation concerns the debt and financial situation, therefore, for safety reasons, we need to be sure that we are speaking with the relevant person. Before going into case details, we ask you to provide the date of your birth for verification. 
A field adviser is a person who, during a visit the customer's, can discuss the status of the debt, agree on and conclude a settlement, and accept a payment. All services provided by an adviser are free of charge. 
Yes, the customer service point is located at ul. Wołowska 8 in Wrocław and is open from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is also possible to make an appointment with a field adviser in any place of your choice. 
Amicable recovery of debts consists in the conclusion of an agreement with the debtor without the involvement of the court and the bailiff in the collection process. KRUK's pro-settlement strategy means that first an analysis of the customer's financial situation is made, and then a convenient debt repayment schedule is adjusted thereto. Owing to this, KRUK's customers can gradually repay their liability and regain financial credibility.
Only a debtor whose debt was sold or commissioned for management by KRUK can become the company's customer. 

KRUK is a collection agency of Prokura securitisation fund. This means that it can recover debts in its name and on its behalf. 

KRUK may manage only the debts which it was commissioned to manage or which were sold to it. 
The Economic Information Bureau (BIG) is involved with the receipt, storage, and sharing of economic information from creditors about their debtors (negative information) and about the reliable repayment of debts (positive information). BIG operates pursuant to the Act of 9 April 2010, as amended, on the access to business information and exchange of business data. BIG's databases contain business information of the clients of banks, credit unions, lending institutions, telecommunications companies, insurers, housing cooperatives and communities, utility providers, secondary creditors, and others. Whereas Biuro Informacji Kredytowej S.A. (BIK) is an institution whose task is to collect, integrate, and share data on the credit history exclusively of the clients of banks, credit unions, and lending institutions. BIK operates pursuant to the Banking Law Act. KRUK does not provide economic information to BIK.
Positive information is a confirmation of making a timely payment of receivables. Collecting positive information and building a positive payment history helps to regain financial credibility. It can be collected by making timely payments of your liabilities due to a credit, loan, rent, telephone subscription fee, etc. KRUK provides positive information on its Customers after each timely paid instalment under the settlement. 
Negative information is an entry into the economic information bureau's base and confirmation of lack of repayment of at least one liability. It can result in:  • difficulties in taking out credits, loans in banks and lending companies • problems with making instalment purchases • difficulties in using the services of mobile or fixed telephony operators  • limited access to cable or digital television or the Internet
Remittance of enforcement proceedings means that at a given moment the debtor did not have sufficient assets that could fully satisfy the existing claim of the creditor. Therefore, the debtor still has the debt and the creditor can conduct further activities aiming to recover they receivables, e.g. through another enforcement proceedings or sale of the debt. 
Debt recovery at court or by enforcement are the activities of the creditor aiming to obtain an order for payment for the debt. The order with a writ of execution is a document with which the creditor can at any moment direct to the bailiff an application of initiation of enforcement proceedings from the debtor's assets. From the moment of obtaining the order and the writ, the creditor uses an enforcement order in the case, which constitutes irrefutable evidence that the liability exist.
Pursuant to Art. 8 para. 5 of the Act on court bailiffs and debt collection: "the creditor has the right to choose a bailiff in the territory of the Republic of Poland, except for the cases on the execution of real estate in which the provisions on execution of real estate are applied accordingly. Having been appointed, the bailiff operates outside of the area of his district." Probably your creditor has chosen the bailiff pursuant to the afore-mentioned provision.
Yes, KRUK offers cash loans for the persons who had a debt in KRUK Group and have repaid it. More information can be obtained through the helpline: +48 71 8888 099 or on
Loans are given for any purpose for a period of 4 to 24 months and the offer depends on individual credit assessment. We offer loans of PLN 500 to PLN 7,500. More information can be obtained through the helpline: +48 71 8888 099 or on 
Unfortunately, taking out a loan is not possible if you have a negative entry.
The offer is chosen individually depending on creditworthiness. In order to check your creditworthiness, call the helpline at +48 71 8888 099 or through the form available at
The "Guaranteed fulfilment of dreams" scheme is addressed to the persons who on the day of signing the settlement will also sing a declaration of joining the Scheme. Under the scheme, each zloty paid is equal to one point in the scheme. More information can be obtained at +48 71 88 88 000 or at +48 71 73 51 692.
In order to order the prize, log in on and fill in the relevant form or use the paper form available in the catalogue or through the scheme's helpline by calling at +48 71 88 88 000 or +48 71 73 51 692.
KRUK S.A., a collection agency (an entity acting on behalf of the creditor, e.g. PROKURA Fund), acquired the right to process and control personal data from the original creditor with regard to the purchase of debts. The legal act governing the scope thereof is Art. 31 of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data. Data are subject to legal protection and are processed by KRUK S.A. for the purpose and within the scope of debt management. Therefore, additional consent for processing thereof is not required.
This term is not used in the data protection act, however, is commonly used by GIODO. Sensitive data are data of an exceptionally personal nature, e.g. religious beliefs, political opinions, information about addictions or health condition.
A complaint can be lodged: • in writing to the following address: KRUK S.A., ul. Wołowska 8, 51-116 Wrocław,  • orally by telephone or in person  • in electronic form, through a contact form available at, via electronic mail: or through a form at platform.
A complaint should include the case number at KRUK, description of the situation, and justification for the lodged complaint. In the case of having additional documents confirming the validity of the complaint, they should be enclosed with the correspondence. 
KRUK S.A.  will process the complaint within 30 days of the date of receipt thereof. In justified cases, if it is impossible to process the claim within this period, we will inform you in writing about the reasons for delay and the new deadline for processing of the complaint, which will not exceed 60 days from receipt of the complaint. We will reply to the complaint in writing or, at your request, in electronic form.
The owner of a property constituting a loan collateral is a limited debtor. A mortgage concerns the possession securing the debt. Unlike the personal debtor (responsible with all their property without any limitations), a limited debtor is liable to the encumbrancer with a particular asset, e.g. a property or the right of perpetual usufruct, but only to the amount of the mortgage. If the indebted person does not repay their debt, then the creditor can ask the limited debtor to fulfil the obligation. 
The creditor can, as a part of enforcement proceedings, reclaim part of the debt by selling the property on an auction. Yet sometimes, the amount bidden is not enough to cover the debtor's liability. In such event, even though enforcement proceedings were successful, the debtor has the right to claim the remaining part of the liability. 
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