KRUK introduces dividend policy – plans to drive further growth and share profits

KRUK introduces dividend policy – plans to drive further growth and share profits

KRUK announced today, in a current report, the introduction of a dividend policy.
The policy provides for distributing to shareholders at least 30% of consolidated net profit generated by the KRUK Group in a previous financial year. The Management Board’s intention is to make KRUK one of the best companies on the stock market – a business which grows and increases its value over time while regularly sharing a portion of its earnings with shareholders.

Today marks for me an important development in KRUK’s stock market history. Together with the entire Management Board, we have decided to introduce a dividend policy for 2021-2024. When KRUK was going public 10 years ago, during the IPO, I promised that KRUK would be a growth company. KRUK’s capitalisation on the first day of trading amounted to PLN 627m, and today, after all these years,
it is PLN 6.3bn – 10 times more. In addition, the company has distributed PLN 589m in profit to shareholders. I am proud of these accomplishments. I would like to thank the shareholders for their trust, but I do believe that the best years for the company and its shareholders are yet to come,”
said Piotr Krupa, CEO of KRUK S.A. Considering this, the introduction of the dividend policy is kind of a formality, but also a declaration made to the shareholders at a time when KRUK is entering new investment levels. We want to be predictable for investors in terms of profit distribution while aiming to increase our value over time and being able to continue our business growth. The growth condition is key and we will always take it into account with the Management Board when considering dividend proposals. Our dividend policy is unique and characteristic of the best companies, that is those which can both grow and share a portion of their earnings with their co-owners. With the introduction of the dividend policy we mark KRUK’s 10th anniversary on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and our record performance. This year brings KRUK to new levels,” concluded Piotr Krupa.

For the dividend policy, go to here.

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