Building brigdes between people for 20 years.

Building brigdes between people for 20 years.

Dear Partners,

It was exactly 20 years ago when the biggest adventure of my life started: together with my partner I set up a legal publishing house KRUK. It was not long after that that we took interest in the receivables management industry, and from that moment on we embarked in this business direction.  

Today the KRUK Group manages mass receivables, a business which we continue to develop across nine European countries. In the last two decades, from a small company, we have become an international financial group specializing in the broadly defined receivables management industry.

This jubilee is a great opportunity to thank everyone that we had the honor to cooperate with over these 20 years. Together with you we develop the best market standards and practices, positively changing the image of our industry not only in Poland, but also abroad.

I am proud of that for two decades, together with you, we have been building the most important of bridges: bridges between people.


Thank you very much for these 20 years!

Piotr Krupa


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