Financial knowledge is not one of the strengths of the Poles

Financial knowledge is not one of the strengths of the Poles

Only 16 percent of the Poles have knowledge on finances - according to the survey conducted by TNS Polska at the request of the KRUK Group. Only 15% of the respondents declare to know legal provisions. Many more, almost 40 percent, claim to be able to plan the home budget well. The seniors willingly share their knowledge and life experience with their children or grandchildren. In turn, the adolescents help their parents or grandparents to use modern solutions which may make live easier.

- Good planning of the home budget, knowledge and life experience or motivating to action are the most frequently indicated skills which the Poles can share with those in debt.  Despite that just a small group of respondents has knowledge on finances or legal provisions, as much as 95% of them would be ready to provide financial support to those having problem with dept repayment - says Agnieszka Salach from the KRUK Group.

Women will plan the home budget

In accordance with the report entitled “Intergenerational talks about debts” and prepared by TNS Polska at the request of the KRUK Group, as much as 39 percent of Poles claim to have a competence to plan the home budget well. What is more, this group is also ready to share their knowledge with those in financial troubles. What is equally interesting, the survey also shows that more women than men (45 % compared to 32 %) can boast about this skill.

Seniors will share their life experience

If we wanted to make use of knowledge and life experience, then those in their 50s are more willing to share it than those in their thirties or forties (43 % compared to 36 %) Among twenty year olds only 20 percent of them declared this kind of help. However, one third of those who participated in the survey declared willingness to support an indebted person with his/her knowledge and experience. What is interesting, 28 percent of the Poles is also ready to motivate their relatives to repay their debts, and 21 percent can help them in holding negotiations with their creditors.

The young ones will help in the Internet

Almost one in five surveyed persons (19 %) can help in repayment of debts thanks to his/her knowledge of new technologies. It is mostly young persons who can boast of these qualities.  Persons aged 18 to 29 more often than the remaining age groups (35 % compared to 26 % of those aged 30-39 and 15 % from those aged 40-49) could support an indebted person in use of the Internet or mobile banking. In turn, those aged 30-39 have the most extensive financial knowledge, and it is them who most willingly give financial advice to those having troubles with repayment of debts.

- When looking for solutions, exchange of experience and mutual support of persons of different ages is crucial. If we have difficulty with contacting the creditor, we ask for help one of our relatives who is more experienced in use of the Internet or contacts with various companies. He will help us to call the right number or contact the creditor through an online form.  On the other hand, before making important decisions it is worth remembering about the older family members. Their knowledge and life experience can be priceless and will ensure that we avoid costly mistakes – adds Agnieszka Salach.

Inhabitants of the eastern part of Poland are the most helpful

The survey “Intergenerational talks about debts” also shows that inhabitants of different regions of Poland have different skills in dealing with indebtedness. For example, those leaving in eastern Poland can boast of good planning of home finances (48 % compared to 40 % of western Poland and 38 % of those leaving in central and southern part of the country). They also, more frequently than in other regions, are willing to help the indebted by motivating them to take actions (34 % of those leaving in the east compared to 29 % of those from central, 28 % from western and 26 % from southern part of Poland). 

*Results of survey conducted by TNS Polska at the request of the KRUK Group on a representative sample of 1000 of Poles. Regions with the division into provinces: Northern – West Pomerania and Pomerania Provinces Eastern – Warmia-Masuria, Podlasie, Lublin and Podkarpacie provinces Western – Kujawy-Pomerania, Lubuskie and Wielkopolska provinces Central – Mazovia, Łódź and Świętokrzyskie provinces Souhern – Lower Silesia, Opole, Silesia and Małopolska provinces.

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