Polish spring shopping - what are we going to buy and how much are we going to spend?

Polish spring shopping - what are we going to buy and how much are we going to spend?

As many as the half of Poles is planning a purchase of clothing and shoes this spring, and 25 per cent are going to renovate or refurbish their flat. One in five respondents declares that they are planning to spend money on the May long weekend. These are the results of the survey conducted by SW Research “Poles’ spring expenditure”, prepared on the request of the KRUK Group.

Poles want to spend 300 to 500 PLN on average on their spring shopping. This is the response of 25 per cent of Poles who took part in the abovementioned survey*. The majority of this group are people under 24 years of age (29 per cent). In terms of regions, expenditure in this category is mainly declared by consumers in Lubusz (44 per cent) and in Lower Silesia (33 per cent).

A slightly lower percentage, that is 20 per cent of respondents, are going to spend between 500 and 800 PLN (25 per cent of this group are the youngest respondents, that is the group of 20 years old). Such amounts were mainly declared by the residents of Lesser Poland (51 per cent), Masovia (49 per cent) and Lower Silesia (44 per cent).  As we can see, we approach spring shopping with some caution.

Spring, time to change your clothes and refurbish your flat

Every second Pole declares that, in the first place, they will shop for clothes. New clothes are one of the most important spring expenditures of young Poles under 24 years old, but also for people between 35 and 49 years old (52 and 48 per cent of respondents respectively). Changes of clothing are planned at the largest scale in Podlasie (60 per cent) and in Lesser Poland (56 per cent).

We are considering refurbishment or renovation of the flat (25 per cent of respondents) more often than the May long weekend. It is mostly people who earn more than 5 thousand PLN net (1/3 of respondents), as well as residents of villages and small towns with up to 20 thousand residents (29  and 32 per cent of respondents) who are making such plans. Renovation expenditure is more often declared by residents of Silesia (32 per cent), Lublin Province (30 per cent) and Kujawy-Pomerania Province (26 per cent).

A significant group of respondents is considering purchase of specialised sports equipment (15 per cent). It is mainly the residents of Świętokrzyskie Province (27 per cent), Lesser Poland (21 per cent) and Opole Province (20 per cent) who take care of their physical condition.

- Poles approach their spring shopping quite cautiously. We might be bombarded with discount offers all the time, but we assess the resources of our domestic budget realistically. We usually buy things which we really need. This may be a sign of a rising financial awareness of Poles – says Agnieszka Salach from the KRUK Group.

Shopping with your own cash

As many as 58 per cent of Poles are going to use their current income to do the spring shopping. This is mostly declared by people between 35-49 years old (63 per cent) and less frequently by respondents under 24 years of age (51 per cent). The use of fixed assets is declared mostly by respondents from Lubelskie Province (75 per cent) Kujawy-Pomeranian Province (73 per cent).

Nearly the same number, that is one third of all consumers, will use their savings. The largest group who managed to set money aside for spring expenditure are people above 50 years of age (34 per cent). The consumers from Warmian and Masurian Province (38 per cent), Podkarpacie (37 per cent), Świętokrzyskie Province (35 per cent) and Silesia (34 per cent) are going to use their savings the most often.

The survey* of the KRUK Group has shown that only 4 per cent of Poles are planning to take out a loan or credit facility to finance spring shopping or long weekend trips in May. This form of financing will be used the most often by respondents from Lubelskie Province (19 per cent).

*Results of a survey conducted by SW Research on the request of the KRUK Group

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