Changes on the Management Board of KRUK S.A.
On April 30th 2020, KRUK S.A. announced changes in the composition of its Management Board. Agnieszka Kułton, responsible for credit management, resigned from her position as a member of the Management Board, citing health reasons. She will remain...
KRUK begins work on its 7th Public Bonds Programme
The Management Board of KRUK S.A. has passed a resolution to establish the 7th Bonds Programme with a total nominal value of up to PLN 700m, whereby the Company will be able to issue public bonds (“Bonds”) under a prospectus for a year...
KRUK launches bond repurchase
The Management Board of KRUK S.A. has passed a resolution to repurchase a portion of the Company’s dematerialized bonds, with a nominal value per bond, depending on the series, of PLN 100 or PLN 1,000. The repurchase may continue until...
KRUK launches retail bond issue
March 19th 2020 is the planned opening date of the subscription period for this year’s first issue of public bonds as part of KRUK’s Sixth Bond Programme. The subscription period will end on April 1st 2020. The total nominal value of the...
KRUK posts PLN 277m in net profit and over PLN 1.1bn
KRUK S.A. has published its consolidated financial results for 2019: Net profit at PLN 277m, down 16% year on year Cash EBITDA at PLN 1.1bn, up 12% year on year Recoveries from purchased debt portfolios at PLN 1.8bn, up 13% year on...
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