How to repair the budget after holidays?

How to repair the budget after holidays?

After returning from holidays, it is worth to check the funds on our account and in our wallet, as it may turn out that we have exceeded the planned budget. In the holiday frenzy, we are more spontaneous, so often we run out of money already during our holiday. In such situations, we increase our account overdraft or credit card balance. How to quickly repair our household budget in such a situation? There are several solutions.

The sooner we face the strained budget, the better. We should start with analysing holiday expenses. If we use a credit card, check the transaction history. This way we will know what is the exact amount of our debt. Remember to include also the costs the receipt for which will come later, e.g. telephone or Internet bill. It is easy to determine by going to the operator's website and checking the call history. After making a precise calculation of our debt, consider how much time will it take you to return the money. Let us plan the repayment properly so that to deal with the arrears and stick to the budget. A well-planned action plan is half the story, as it will enable you to look at your monthly finances realistically. When planning the household budget, it is worth to use ready planners, e.g. the one available on Include in it all your liabilities, those generated after the holidays and future ones. Think what you can give up on in the given month or how to obtain extra funds.

Limit your expenses.

If after checking extra expenses turned out to be higher than we expected, there are several ways to repay them quite painlessly. First of all: think what you can give up on in the next month, e.g. going to the cinema, café, buying ready-made meals at work (these can be easily replaced with cheaper ones prepared at home). Also make a shopping list for the entire week and stick to it when in a shop. We can save money especially on food – do not build up stocks, as we usually buy too much and a large portion will end up in a bin anyway. It is also the time of promotional sale in shopping centres - do not give in to the temptation of special offers and discounts. Repairing the household budget is much more important than e.g. a new set of clothes. What else can we do to save money? Summer is the best time to replace your car with a bike. This way, commuting will be much healthier and more pleasant, and, most of all, free of charge.

Get rid of spare things.

It is also good to sell unwanted and unused things, which can prove useful to someone else. All you need to do is to carefully review all your wardrobes and nooks and for sure you will find many objects or clothes that you have not been using for years. The simplest way is to put them on sale on auction portals or place an advertisement on a website with different offers. This way you will gain spare room in your flat as well as funds.

Look for extra work.

Another solution is to find extra work, as there are numerous possibilities to earn additional money. The most popular jobs are: care for children or the elderly, cleaning flats and offices - these are the activities that can usually be compatible with your permanent job. The end of holidays is also a good time to e.g. distribute leaflets of post-secondary or language schools.

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