How to save money from a pension?

How to save money from a pension?

Specialists argue that regular saving is necessary. This seems difficult especially for pensioners, who spend a major part of their modest benefits on treatment. However, even relatively low pensions allow for putting aside certain amounts for the fulfilment of dreams or, simply, for a rainy day. KRUK Group tells where to look for savings.

For many the end of professional work and retirement is a turning point in life. It is related to many changes and lower income. Especially at the beginning, it is hard for pensioners to get used to a smaller budget and often they spend more than they should. Also, according to a survey conducted by TNS Polska on behalf of KRUK group, almost half of seniors does not keep a record of personal finances and checks the amount left only from time to time. Whereas scrupulous planning of the household budget can positively influence the account balance.

The most important aspects in the saving process are regularity and control of expenses. Seniors must remember to pay attention even to very small amounts. During the month, such small expenses may deplete the household budget even by several dozen zloty. Keeping a monthly financial statement will enable to determine what money is spent on and which expenses are necessary and which result from reckless shopping.

Plan your expenses

It is very important to set yourself a specific purpose for which you will save your money. It will provide motivation for regular care for personal finances. It is also a good idea to plan purchases in advance. Owing to this, collecting a larger sum will no longer be such a problem. Seniors can also open a deposit account where every month they will pay specific amounts. This is very helpful e.g. when saving money for a specific purpose. On the market here are many deposit accounts offered by different banks and every pensioner should find the one tailored to their needs.   

Plan sensibly

Food products are our basic expense but even here we can make some savings. It is worth using special offers and discounts. Often it is more beneficial to buy sets or products at reduced prices with long shelf-life. A material item of spending in a senior's budget are usually medications. Owing to cheaper substitutes or purchases with the use of a discount card of a given pharmacy, it is possible to save a substantial amount of money.

Extra money

 A good idea to repair a household budget and make extra money is to rent an unoccupied room or floor in a house. Finding a tenant, e.g. a student looking for inexpensive accommodation is easy, especially in big cities. Pensioners often undertake additional activities, such as childcare or working as a watchman. Even a part-time work may considerably improve the financial situation of seniors. There are also instances where the elderly have things they have not been using for a long time. Many of them are easy to sell e.g. on a flea market or through popular web portals such as or Pensioners can ask a family member to help them put those things up for an Internet auction.

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