Every drop counts

Every drop counts

1. Close your tap when brushing teeth or shaving.

Tap water running constantly cases a waste of even 9 liters per minute!

2. Do not wash dishes under running water.

Close the sink, immerse the dishes, and save up to 50% of the water you need for this activity. Rinse the dishes under cold, light water stream.

3. Check if the taps in your house don't leak.

If they do - repair them. A leak of one drop per second totals up to 12 m3 water loss per year!

4. Use the dishwasher only if it's full.

Use an eco program, which uses smaller amounts of water and power.

5. Give up baths for quick showers.

This allows you to save up even a 100 liters of water per wash. If you still prefer bathing, then try to use smaller amounts of water than usual.

6. Brush instead of hose.

Use brushes to clean your balcony, yard or garage. By using water from the hose to do it, you waste hundreds of liters.

7. Water your garden with rainwater.

Do not use precious and often costly drinkable water for that purpose; use well water or rainwater instead.

8. Avoid flushing your toilet frequently.

Do not throw food, cigarettes or tissues into it.

9. Purchase a water-tight shower head.

If your shower end has an aerator, you will use only 30-50 litres of water for a 5-minute shower.

10. Replace your toilet flusher with a double-chamber one, which features two flushing modes - standard and economic.

Stop feature models are also available, allowing you to stop the flushing at any moment.

11. Use a faucet aerator, which is basically a water-tight tip installed at the faucet.

It reduces water consumption, from 12-15, down to 7 liters per minute.

12. Do not wash your car under running water.

To wash the car, use a bucket, sponge and a suitable detergent. Do not flush it with running water constantly. Use it only at the end, to rinse the car, or if it is actually necessary.

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