Saving by switching

Saving by switching

1. Browse the offers of your local energy suppliers.

Pick the most beneficial one, offering the small prices. You can save up to 20-30 zloty a month.

2. Invest in power-saving bulbs, preferably LED ones.

They are 10 times more economic than standard bulbs, and still give you mostly warm light.

3. Switch off the lights you're not using.

Don't do that if you're leaving a room lit by energy-saving bulbs only for a few moments, though! Frequently toggling them reduces their life and increases power consumption.

4. When cooking on hobs, cook only the necessary amounts of water, and use lids.

This can reduce power consumption by up to 15%. For cooking, only use pots of diameter larger than the hob by 2 cm. This will give you power savings of 20%.

5. Switch your electrical oven off for a few minutes before finishing roasting.

The temperature will keep up anyway, but the oven won't be consuming electricity.

6. Regularly remove deposit from your electrical kettle.

Also, boil only the amount of water that you really need - you can save almost 50% of the power used!

7. Place your fridge away from sources of heat.

If your fridge is placed e.g. near a cooker or dishwasher, it will consume more power. You must also remember to defrost it regularly, and clean the spirals at the back - it's another way to make savings.

8. Defrost products in the fridge.

If you want to defrost food, just place it in the fridge. During defrosting, the products absorb heat from it, causing the fridge to consume less energy.

9. Start your laundry machine only if the drum is full.

Wait until enough laundry accumulates. That way, you will use relatively less water and powder, and the machine will consume even 35% less power.

10. Resign from the prewash cycle.

Use it only for very soiled clothes. To save energy, wash in lower temperatures. It might be worth to buy a high quality detergent, which does not require using high temperatures.

11. Unplug from power all devices that you're not using.

Not doing it increases power consumption by as much as 45%! Therefore, always make sure to unplug the chargers, TV set, radio or PC, or just buy a power strip with a switch, that can be switched off at any time without hassle.

12. Iron many clothes at once.

You will save up energy necessary to heat up the iron each time you want to use it.

13. Paint your walls and ceiling with bright colors.

This will allow you to use sunlight longer. Bright rooms also need a smaller number of bulbs to light it.

14. Buy high energy consumption class devices whenever possible.

For example, an A++ fridge consumes 60% less energy than fridges produced before 2001.

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