We have been in the debt management business for over two decades. Thanks to cooperation with us, 3 million Poles have already repaid their debts. We present customers with available solutions tailored to their financial situation. We inform of all the stages of the amicable process, but also the judicial one – should the customer decide not to cooperate with us. We can facilitate the repayment of debts, but much depends on the customer himself – it is he who must make the right decision and undertake to repay his debt.

We know that once a good relationship is established, in the vast majority of cases the debt story will end with a happy ending. We strive to have as many such stories as possible!

The KRUK Group has also signed the Principles of Good Practice developed by the Association of Financial Enterprises in Poland (AFE), an industry association to which we belong. The AFE was formed by a group of the largest financial intermediary companies in Poland. The initiative of the financial companies was a response to the emerging need to regulate the rapidly growing consumer credit market. These companies felt that the best form of representation for them was an employers' union. The Principles of Good Practice is a document that constitutes a set of rules of conduct adopted for use by companies operating in the financial market that are Members of the Association of Financial Enterprises in Poland.

It is worth mentioning that KRUK received the AFE Ethical Certificate, which is a confirmation that the company's business practices comply with AFE’s Principles of Good Practice. As Member of the Association of Financial Enterprises in Poland (AFE), once a year we undergo an Ethics Audit, conducted by the AFE Ethics Committee, verifying our compliance with the Principles of Good Practice. The above certificate confirms that we passed the audit successfully.

As member of the Association of Financial Enterprises in Poland, in our activities we have undertaken to apply the Principles of Good Practice, and therefore any of our customers may report their complaint, grievance or application to the AFE Ethics Committee directly or through the AFE Ethics Ombudsman. The application and detailed instructions on how to complete and submit it can be found at https://zpf.pl/etyka/wniosek-do-komisji-etyki/.

Read more at: https://zpf.pl/


Code of Ethics

At KRUK S.A., we apply laws, internal regulations and standards that stem, among other things, from the applicable good practices for the financial and debt management sector (Principles of Good Practice developed by the Association of Financial Enterprises in Poland), or recommendations or positions of supervisory authorities.

The principles and values that guide us in our daily work are included in our Code of Ethics.

Contained in the Code of Ethics are the most important principles and values applicable to the entire KRUK Group, which form a coherent system of standards of ethical conduct for all our employees, including members of KRUK S.A.'s statutory bodies.

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