One of the key pillars of HR strategy at KRUK S.A. is the reinforcement of the organizational culture. While research confirms that our organizational culture is already strong today, we believe in continuous development and striving for excellence. We are committed to making the organizational culture an integral part of life in the company, influencing the way our employees think, act, and make decisions. We support our organizational culture by promoting values such as trust, collaboration, responsibility, development, and simplicity. We aim to create a working environment where our employees feel appreciated, engaged, and can develop their skills. Initiatives such as training and development programs help us build strong relationships with our employees and support their professional growth.

The second important pillar of our HR strategy is a focus on building a Lean and Digital competency model. The world is constantly changing, and we want to be prepared for the challenges that the future brings. We prioritize digital skills, innovation, and efficiency to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment. We implement modern tools and technologies that facilitate work and improve the performance of our employees.

The third pillar of our HR strategy is modern leadership. We believe that leaders are crucial to the success of the organization and the development of our employees. Therefore, we invest in developing leadership skills among our managers, such as communication, team motivation, and change management. We will introduce training, coaching, and mentoring programs that help our leaders become more effective and inspiring.

Another important aspect of the HR strategy at KRUK S.A. is the creation of a diverse, equal, and inclusive workplace. We believe that diversity is our strength and inspires innovation and creativity. We strive for an atmosphere in our company where all employees are respected and have equal opportunities for development. We work towards eliminating any forms of discrimination and creating an environment where everyone can feel accepted and appreciated.

The final pillar of the HR strategy at KRUK S.A. is a flexible work environment. We understand that work-life balance is important for our employees. Therefore, we aim to create flexible working conditions that allow for individual needs. We introduce remote work programs, flexible working hours, and various forms of scheduling to ensure a balance between professional and personal life.

In conclusion, the HR strategy at KRUK S.A. focuses on being an "Employer of Choice" through the reinforcement of the organizational culture, a focus on Lean and Digital competency model, promotion of modern leadership, the creation of a diverse, equal, and inclusive workplace, and the provision of a flexible work environment. We believe that these pillars form a solid foundation for our HR strategy, which supports the development and success of our employees and strengthens our position as an attractive employer.



Celebrating diversity at the KRUK Group

The KRUK Group owes its international success to the firmly rooted values around which we have operated for more than 25 years. Ethics, mutual respect and support for equal opportunities are at the core of our organization's culture. An important part of it is diversity and inclusiveness, which we celebrate not only in May, but throughout the year. 

Did you know that at the end of 2023, together we represented a total of 22 nationalities from several continents?  Not surprisingly, diversity is an extremely important topic for us. That's why we celebrate European Diversity Month with teams from Spain, Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic and Malta.

Get to know DEI better

The topic of diversity, equal opportunity and inclusiveness is brought closer to employees through, among other things, mandatory e-learning training.

The "Diversity & Inclusion" training is an opportunity to learn about key aspects of diversity and inclusion. Employees learn the benefits of accepting differences and the challenges that can arise when this is lacking. They learn practical cases that can help create a more inclusive environment. Their involvement in this training helps the company achieve a higher level of understanding and cooperation. Together, we are creating a place where everyone feels valued and respected. We all play an important role in this.

20 years of promoting diversity

May marks 20 years since Poland (as well as Malta, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, among others) joined the European Union. At the same time, 26 Diversity Charters have been established in Europe, bringing together more than 12,000 organizations, with more than 16 million employees.

Diversity Charters provide support to organizations and promote best practices in diversity management. They are a declaration, but also a signpost for thousands of international organizations, small and medium-sized companies, public and non-profit organizations. KRUK signed the Polish Diversity Charter in 2013.

We are recognized for DEI

Last year, after a survey coordinated by the Diversity Charter, we were listed as one of the most advanced companies in diversity management We are constantly working to make our company inclusive. We focus on equal opportunities and cooperation.

We participated in UNGC's Target Gender Equality program and received a certificate that confirms our commitment to equality and inclusivity. In 2023, our company was recognized by 30% Club Poland for its inclusive organizational culture, primarily for building a culture of equal opportunities, gender representation in managerial positions at all levels in the organization, promoting an inclusive work culture, and the low wage gap that we are steadily closing.  In recent weeks, this has earned us a spot on WPROST's list of the 50 best employers in Poland. Our Board of Directors is also involved in conversations about the benefits of diversity. The promotion of equality, empathy and mutual respect in the spirit of DEI by Piotr Krupa (CEO), Urszula Okarma (CIO) and other members of the Board of Directors has been repeatedly recognized in the Polish and international markets.

Celebrate with us!

We are all part of the inclusivity effort. At our company, we recognize the value of diverse talents and value each person who creates the culture of KRUK. We counter exclusion based on gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, religion, fitness level, sexual orientation, form of cooperation, physical and mental health, family situation or affiliation.

Managing diversity is a strategic objective and closely linked to our ESG activities, especially in the context of social responsibility.

Our activities help us create a welcoming, accessible and inclusive workplace.

We are committed to, among other things, gender equality and representation, intergenerational dialogue, accessibility and neuro-inclusiveness, support for LGBTQ+ people, intercultural integration, as well as wellbeing, work-life balance and psycho-physical well-being.


Every day, we at the KRUK Group can see how important financial education is. We talk daily to indebted individuals whose financial difficulties have not been brought about by external circumstances, but simply by a lack of adequate knowledge about responsible management of personal finances. Raising financial awareness among the general public is one of the KRUK Group’s key social commitments. To meet this commitment, we harness our expertise, know-how, resources and scale of impact.


Day without Debt

Our flagship project is Day Without Debt celebrated in Poland on November 17th since 2009, with the programme rolled out also in Romania, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Day Without Debt aims to raise public awareness of personal finances management and responsible borrowing, to develop the financial maturity of our existing and potential customers, and to raise awareness of the benefits of voluntary debt repayment. In our materials, we explain how to responsibly control income and expenses, and how to reasonably assess one’s financial capabilities. We focus on buying habits and show how to safeguard against losing the source of income. In 2023 in Poland, the ‘Day Without Debt’ campaign was present in the main media with the largest coverage, including on the airwaves of RMF FM, TOK FM, Radio Złote Przeboje, Radio Zet, and Radio Pogoda, as well as in print and online media. The message is estimated to have reached as many as 5 million people.


Kapitalni.org portal

As part of its educational activities in Poland, KRUK S.A. became a strategic partner of the Kapitalni.org website, operated by Wonga.pl. It was created in response to the low level of financial knowledge among Poles. Its purpose is to provide, on a continuous basis, financial education that can genuinely affect consumer behaviours and attitudes. Throughout 2023, the portal saw the publication of 121 new articles by renowned experts, journalists, and bloggers, covering essential topics like household budget management and the principles of responsible borrowing Additionally, the launch of the mobile game PreKapitalni offers an engaging way for users to familiarise themselves with financial management concepts. Over the year, the Kapitalni.org website was accessed by over 524 thousand unique users seeking to expand their financial literacy. 


Financial Education in KRUK Group

Beyond Poland, in 2023, the KRUK Group participated in local financial education initiatives across the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, and Italy, releasing educational content through both traditional and online media. The geography where the Group’s engagement in such projects was the most extensive was Romania. The promotion of financial education by KRUK România’s has included the implementation of Credite inteligente™ (Smart Loans) programme in public schools. This initiative aims at teaching responsible use of financial services and is delivered through an e-learning platform targeting high school students. Its main purpose is to clarify the essentials of credit access and management with practical examples and exercises, helping students develop the ability to assess financial options and understand associated risks and thus fostering informed decision-making. Through engaging video materials, articles, and workbooks, as well as workshops led by volunteer KRUK Mentors, young people and their educators learn about prudent financial management and a secure pathway to obtaining financial loans. In 2023, the programme was adopted by 53 schools throughout Romania, enhancing the financial literacy of over 1,200 participants. In partnership with the Social Incubator, KRUK România lends its support to the R€sponsABIL financial education programme, now in its fifth edition. This initiative aims to empower young people aged 16–24 from disadvantaged backgrounds, fostering their financial independence and responsibility while enhancing their employment opportunities. Since 2021, KRUK România has been a proud supporter of another essential aspect of financial education: teachers. This is achieved through the MERITO community, established by the Romanian Business Leaders (RBL). MERITO assembles esteemed Romanian teachers to promote excellence through change, innovation, and the transformation of the educational landscape. The MERITO project acknowledges the achievements of outstanding educators, including through financial support, while also helping disseminate their exemplary practices throughout the education system. Over 10,000 teachers in Romania have adopted the best practices from the MERITO community. In 2023, at the annual MERITO Gala, Cosmina Marinescu, General Director of KRUK România, awarded a prize for excellence and innovation in education.

For us, committing to sustainable development within our industry goes beyond making responsible choices; it represents a strategic imperative for innovation. Incorporating environmental, social, and governance criteria into our decision-making process fosters long-term value for our partners, clients, and the broader community. We are dedicated to building economic resilience and embracing transformative opportunities, such as advancing financial education in Romania. Our goal to increase Romania's financial literacy rate from 8% to over 20% by 2030 also propels our efforts in financial mentoring and sustainable growth. - COSMINA MARINESCU, GENERAL DIRECTOR KRUK ROMÂNIA

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