The Association of Financial Companies in Poland

Thanks to our membership in the Association of Financial Companies in Poland (shortcut pl. ZPF), our experts participate in giving opinions on draft legislation affecting issues related to debt management, exchange of economic information, the loan sector or the protection of consumer rights.



The Diversity Charter

KRUK S.A. has been a signatory to the Diversity Charter since 2013. The Charter is an international initiative of the European Commission for social cohesion and equality. The basic principle of the Charter is to prohibit discrimination in the workplace and to honor and take into account diversity in all activities. The provisions of the document apply throughout the KRUK Group and are taken into account, among other things, during recruitment processes.


United Nations Global Compact Network Poland

KRUK S.A. has been participating in this flagship UN sustainable business program since 2019. We actively participate in the Climate Positive and Business & Human Rights programs. KRUK Group CEO Piotr Krupa is a committed member of the Program Council of the UN Global Compact Network Poland, whose substantive support is an important contribution to the UNGC's efforts to build an informed and sustainable society and economy, as well as a human and environmentally-friendly climate.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Within the framework of the 2030 Agenda and its ambitious Sustainable Development Goals, KRUK Group is implementing its activities in line with the selected SDGs.

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