KRUK flew to the top and became the Listed Company of the Year 2014

KRUK S.A., a part of KRUK Group to which KRUK Romania (KRUK Ceska a Slovenska republica) belongs, won first prize and became Listed Company of the Year 2014. Ranking was organized by "Puls Biznesu" one of the most important financial dailies in Poland. Stock market experts appreciated i.e. KRUK’s business model and competence of the board. Compared with the previous edition of ranking KRUK moved up four positions. This is the first time that company from receivables management industry has won such a prestigious award.

KRUK took the top spot in this year's ranking of the Listed Company of the Year, ranking carried out for the sixteenth time by the "Puls Biznesu". The ranking was based on ratings of 130 stock exchange market specialists - analysts, investment advisors, brokers or representatives of investment funds. Respondents evaluated the companies on five categories of management competence, quality products and services, investor relations, prospects for growth and success in 2014. KRUK took up a position on the podium in four of them.

The company has been awarded for original strategy and quality of service, as well as excellent results: tripling revenues and net profit increased fourfold in the last five years.

Respondents also appreciated the company's management board. - Behind the success of our business is primarily hard work and daily build your business. Important is also the passion and commitment to what is done - says Piotr Krupa, CEO of KRUK S.A. - I am particularly pleased with the path KRUK walked down in recent years. I'm with those who believe that with small spoons you can eat quite well. Every day, tirelessly we strive to be better and better company to go up for our clients. Just a few years ago, when persuaded to our business model, which is unfolding debt in installments, our strategy has not been encouraging for some investors. Today, we can boast of a strong yearly growth, which confirms that our customers want to pay its obligations, you need only enable them - adds Krupa. KRUK is the market leader in receivables management in Central Europe. In addition to the Polish company it is present in Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and recently entered the German market. Its goal is to be one of the three biggest companies managing receivables. Next steps goes to the Italian, the Spanish, the Portuguese and the British markets.

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