KRUK may issue up to PLN 700m worth of bonds under its 8th Prospectus

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA) has approved the prospectus filed on April 28th 2021 for the 8th Bond Programme with a total nominal value of all bond series of up to PLN 700m. Under the Prospectus, the Company may issue public bonds for a year, until September 3rd 2022. The final issue terms, particularly the rules for determining the interest rate and interest amount, may vary for each Bond issue. In addition to the Prospectus, detailed terms and conditions of the individual series of the Bonds will be published, defining the final terms and conditions of each series.

‘We have issued debt securities, targeted primarily at individual investors, since 2013. Our bonds attract strong investor interest, as demonstrated by the bond issues we have carried out this year, which were heavily oversubscribed. In three bond issues with a nominal value of PLN 155m investors placed orders for a total of PLN 368m,’ noted Piotr Krupa, CEO and President of KRUK S.A. Management Board. ‘In the first half of 2021 investments were PLN 644m, and we are confident the figure will only keep growing. We have a solid financial footing. Bonds remain an important source of financing for the KRUK Group, and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority’s decision to approve the 8th Prospectus gives us an opportunity to raise funds primarily from individual investors. In addition to that, we issue bonds intended for institutional investors, and we have access to bank financing, a vital source of finance to us. KRUK has issued bonds since 2007, and we are a regular and long-term partner for many investors,’ added Piotr Krupa.


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