KRUK opens subscriptions for its third prospectus-based euro bond issue

On 17 January 2024, KRUK published the Final Terms and Conditions of its Series AO5EUR bonds. The bonds will be issued in a public offering under the Tenth Bond Programme at the issue price equal to their nominal value. The issue price will be EUR 100 per bond, with the total nominal value of the entire series of EUR 10m. The bonds bear interest at a floating rate, based on 3M EURIBOR® plus a fixed margin of 4.0 percentage points per annum. Subscriptions for the bonds will be open from 18 to 30 January 2024. The offering will be carried out by a distribution syndicate comprising: Dom Maklerski BDM S.A., Michael/Ström Dom Maklerski S.A., Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A. - Biuro Maklerskie Pekao, Noble Securities S.A., and Dom Inwestycyjny Xelion sp. z o.o. The bonds will exist in book-entry form and the Company will apply for their admission to trading on the Catalyst regulated market operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

‘Last year, we issued bonds in Poland with a nominal value of PLN 835m and EUR 10m, along with a series of foreign bonds amounting to EUR 150m. Demand for our prospectus-based bonds was strong, leading to order reductions of several dozen percent. We recognise that euro bonds are an attractive option for retail investors in Poland’s debt securities market. Subscriptions for KRUK’s upcoming EUR 10m bond series will be open from 18 to 30 January 2024,’ noted Piotr Krupa, KRUK S.A. CEO. ‘We are continuously developing, optimising our operations, and undergoing digital transformation. As an international organisation, we continue to expand in the European markets that are key to our industry. In 2023, KRUK posted over PLN 3bn in recoveries and nearly PLN 3bn in investments. Our unwavering growth is supported by internal resources, excellent access to bank financing, and funds raised from bond issues.’

The offering of Series AO5EUR bonds is conducted on the basis of the Prospectus for KRUK’s Tenth Bond Programme, approved by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority on 11 July 2023. Under the Prospectus, KRUK may issue bonds with a total nominal value of up to PLN 700m until July 2024. The Final Terms and Conditions of Series AO5EUR bonds are available on the Company’s website at https://go.kruk.eu/OWE_AO5EUR.

This document has been prepared for promotional (advertising) purposes only and is not a securities note or communication of sufficient information on the terms of purchase or subscription for any securities enabling an investor to decide whether to purchase or subscribe for such securities, nor does it constitute or form part of, and should not be construed as, an offer to purchase or subscribe for, or solicitation of an offer to purchase or subscribe for, any securities. The only legally binding documents containing information on the Issuer and the Public Offering of Series AO5EUR Bonds are the Base Prospectus for the Tenth Bond Programme, published on 12 July 2023 (the “Prospectus”), including supplements and updates to the Prospectus, and the Final Terms and Conditions of Series AO5EUR Bonds, published on 17 January 2024 (the “Terms and Conditions”). The Prospectus is available on the Issuer’s website at https://go.kruk.eu/peo_x. The Terms and Conditions can be accessed on the Issuer’s website at https://go.kruk.eu/OWE_AO5EUR . The Prospectus and the Terms and Conditions are also available, for information purposes, on the website of the Investment Firm at www.bdm.pl.

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority’s approval of the Prospectus should not be understood as its endorsement of Series AO5EUR Bonds. Prior to making any investment decision, prospective Investors should read the Prospectus in order to fully understand the potential risks and rewards of investing in Series AO5EUR Bonds. Please be advised that the Bonds are not bank deposits (placements) and are not covered by the deposit guarantee scheme. Subscription orders for Series AO5EUR Bonds will be received by the Investment Firm, Dom Maklerski BDM S.A., and members of the distribution syndicate.

The Bonds will be offered exclusively in Poland.

This communication and its contents are not intended for direct or indirect distribution in, or to residents of, the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada or Japan, or any country where its publication, announcement or distribution would be illegal.



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