KRUK shareholders approve payment of over PLN 200m in dividend

Today, in a current report, KRUK announced that the Company’s General Meeting adopted resolutions on, inter alia, payment of dividend of PLN 11 per share, allocating for this purpose PLN 81m of 2020 profits and PLN 125m of retained earnings. The list of shareholders entitled to receive dividend will be determined on June 24th 2021, and the dividend payment date has been set for July 2nd 2021.


 “In accordance with the recommendation of the Management Board and Supervisory Board, the KRUK shareholders resolved to pay a record dividend. KRUK has been arguing for years that the best companies are those which can both grow and distribute a portion of their profits to shareholders. KRUK will do so for the seventh consecutive year”, said Piotr Krupa, President of the KRUK Management Board. “The shareholders also decided to approve a new executive incentive plan for 2021-2024. The main condition provided for in the plan is achieving an average annual EPS growth of 15% over the base EPS recorded for 2019, that is the result not affected by the coronavirus pandemic. With the number of shares outstanding as at today, this would mean the KRUK Group reaching a net profit of at least PLN 559m
in 2024. Despite the still difficult environment, recent months demonstrated our potential. The results we delivered in the first quarter are based on strong cash foundations. This is primarily the result of systematic, consistent and long-term work on improving the operational efficiency of both the amicable and judicial processes. We are developing online tools, improving analytical and statistical models, but we are also constantly working to improve our debt collection processes. I would like KRUK to continue its growth and share profits with shareholders”,
Piotr Krupa added.






implied EPS [PLN] *





implied net profit [PLNm] **










*Implied EPS with the average annual EPS growth rate of 15% over 2019 EPS
** Implied net profit with the average annual EPS growth of 15% over 2019 EPS and a constant share count as at June 16th 2021 (19,011,045 shares).

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