KRUK to pay out dividend to shareholders

KRUK’s shareholders have resolved today the company would pay out a dividend of PLN 13 per share, or PLN 247m in total, from the profit it earned in 2021.

‘I welcome the shareholders’ decision, which is in line with a recommendation given by KRUK’s management board. We delivered record results in 2021, and recent data shows first-quarter 2022 recoveries are also strong,’ said Piotr Krupa, CEO and President of the Management Board of KRUK S.A. ‘For the eighth year in a row we will share profits with shareowners. We put a dividend policy in place last year, but even without it we have paid out PLN 589m to shareholders to date. Our priority is international expansion and further progress in the technological and digital transformation. While building a solid foundation for KRUK’s business and growing its value, we share profits with shareholders, which is particularly important and appreciated by shareholders given these uncertain times. The first dividend paid in 2015 was PLN 1.5 per share. Today we pay PLN 13 per share, which is more than KRUK’s stock price on the first day of listing. It also speaks volumes for the long journey KRUK has made since then. Today we are one of the leading international players in Europe, running a profitable business in each of the countries where we operate. The dividend payout is part of the reward offered to our shareholders for their confidence in the business I have been running for over 23 years. And I know the best is yet to come for KRUK,’ concluded Mr Krupa.

The dividend record date is April 21st 2022, and the dividend payment date is April 28th 2022.

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