KRUK to share profit with shareholders for tenth consecutive time

KRUK shareholders have resolved today that the company will pay out record dividend of PLN 18 per share (PLN 348 million in total) from the profit of PLN 984 million earned in 2023.

“KRUK has consistently distributed profits to its shareholders for the past decade. Last year’s profit marked a historic high in our records, and the results for the first quarter of 2024 followed suit, with recoveries, cash EBITDA, and profits surpassing all previous quarterly performances. These initial months bode well for a potentially exceptional year ahead,” comments Piotr Krupa, CEO and President of the Management Board of KRUK S.A. “We are currently expanding our presence in four key European countries that we consider as large markets, while also exploring the potential of a new market – France. We aim to capitalise on the current opportunities within our sector and strengthen our position by investing in receivables and a technological transformation. Simultaneously, we have the capacity to reward our shareholders with a share of our earnings. In my view, the ability to combine business expansion with dividend payments is a hallmark of only the finest companies globally. This achievement would not be possible without my team – as KRUK is fundamentally about its people – their experience, ideas, and vision for the future. And my vision is to continue bolstering KRUK’s international standing. On occasions like this, I also seize the opportunity to thank our shareholders for their faith in the premier debt collection company worldwide,” Piotr Krupa concluded.

The dividend record date is 15 May 2024, and the dividend payment date is 20 May 2024.


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