KRUK with ratings from Moody's and S&P

The Management Board of KRUK S.A. has announced today that the Company was assigned Ba1 corporate rating of KRUK Group with a stable outlook by Moody's Investors, and BB- corporate rating with a stable outlook by Standard & Poor's.

This is the first time we have sought a rating from credit rating agencies, having decided that KRUK's growth and international position should be affirmed through independent assessment by a specialised entity,” said Piotr Krupa, KRUK S.A.’s CEO and President of the Management Board. “The Ba1 and BB- ratings, each with a stable outlook, are a very good score among the industry players. We have 25 years of experience and have been profitable in each of those years. In the last year alone, we delivered a return on equity of 25%. Our consistent organic growth, primarily in the segment of purchased unsecured retail debt, is obviously one of the KRUK's strengths. When analysing our financial situation, the agencies also looked at our debt policy. We are maintaining a leading position in Poland and Romania and strengthening our presence in Italy and Spain. We want to grow further and be able to capture the opportunities offered by European markets, both in the area of investment and funding. The ratings we have received confirm our strong position in the industry and prospects for further growth.



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