Management Board's comment on the share price

In connection with a 10,6% decrease in the KRUK share price on February 13th 2020, the KRUK Management Board announces that no events occurred at the Company that could justify a significant price decline. At the same time, following press reports about possible legal changes concerning prevention of usury practices, KRUK clearly states that it strongly advocates measures designed to eliminate unethical activities in the consumer loan market.  The KRUK Group supports changes in the debt market which could lead to increased transparency and consistency of market practices, with due respect to equitable rights of both debtors and creditors. There are no specific proposals yet for changes in debt trading in Poland but KRUK is actively involved in work on an EU Directive intended to regulate debt trading markets across the European Union, including in Poland. In addition, with reference to the information that has recently appeared in the media about activities in relation to debt claims which may qualify as usury practices, such debt claims have never been acquired and managed by the KRUK Group.

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