PLN 695m in KRUK Group’s estimated net profit for 2021. Management Board’s dividend recommendation of PLN 247m.

The Management Board of KRUK S.A. has issued today a current report with a preliminary estimate of the KRUK Group’s 2021 net profit, which has been put at PLN 695m.

“We are extremely pleased to announce our preliminary estimate of net profit. If confirmed, it will be the best bottom-line figure ever reported by KRUK and an over eightfold improvement on the year before. It is a result of many years of hard work honing the Group’s operational efficiency, underpinned by solid foundations. I will offer fuller comment when the final results are known, that is after we release our complete annual report with details. Thinking of our record high recoveries of PLN 2.2bn in 2021 and PLN 1.7bn we invested in new assets, I am optimistic about the future,” said Piotr Krupa, CEO and President of KRUK S.A.

The Management Board of KRUK S.A. has recommended to the Annual General Meeting that a dividend of PLN 13 per share be distributed to the shareholders, which, based on the number of KRUK shares currently outstanding, translates into an aggregate distribution of PLN 247m.

“Late last year, we adopted our Dividend Policy and today, in line with its underlying objective, we are recommending a dividend payment. Our recommendation means that we are able to share the Group’s income with investors for the eighth consecutive year. In other words, KRUK remains on a steady growth path while retaining an ability to share profits with its shareholders. After the best year in the 23 years of our history, we are recommending a dividend of 13 PLN per share, adding up to a record total distribution of PLN 247m. Our decision took into account, among other factors, KRUK’s record-breaking estimated earnings, sound liquidity position, continued ability to actively invest in debt assets and prospects of further business growth,” concluded Piotr Krupa.

KRUK will announce its final and detailed performance figures for 2021 in its annual report on March 15th 2022.

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