KRUK enters the German market
KRUK Deutschland GmbH is the name of a new company based in Berlin, German, whose deed of incorporation was signed by the KRUK Group on August 19th 2014. This event marks KRUK's first step on its way to the attractive German market. The...
KRUK reports strong investments in the first half of 2014
KRUK reports strong investments in the first half of 2014 11-07-2014 In the second quarter of 2014, the KRUK Group purchased new debt portfolios with a nominal value of PLN 657m, having paid for them just over PLN 44m. Taken as a whole, the first...
KRUK Group delivers record-high quarterly results
The KRUK Group (WSE Ticker: KRU), Central Europe's leading credit management company, posted a record-high PLN 40m in net profit for Q1 2014. KRUK Group performance in Q1 2014: Record-high net profit of PLN 40m (41% of net profit for...
KRUK makes record investments in first quarter
In the first quarter of 2014, the KRUK Group made record high investments in debt portfolios. Over the period, the Group companies invested a total of PLN 269m to purchase nine debt portfolios with an aggregate nominal value of ca. PLN 1.1bn. Taking...
KRUK makes further investment in consumer debt portfolios
In three days, the KRUK Group completed a transaction to purchase another large portfolio of consumer debt. This time, it paid PLN 36m to Santander Consumer Bank for unsecured debts with a nominal value of PLN 333m. “Like our entry into the...
KRUK enters the mortgage debt market
The KRUK Group has made an investment of PLN 230m to buy a portfolio of mortgage-backed debt with a total nominal value of PLN 710m from Getin Noble Bank S.A. This is the largest capital investment in a single debt portfolio in the Group's...
Record recoveries from purchased debt portfolios of the KRUK Group
The KRUK Group, leader of the debt management market in Central Europe (WSE Ticker: KRU) has once again posted very strong results, as disclosed by the just-released consolidated financial figures for 2013: Recoveries from purchased debt...
KRUK Group consolidates position on debt purchase market
In 2013, the KRUK Group spent a total of PLN 367.2m buying debt portfolios from banks and companies in the consumer sector, up 19% on the year before. The nominal value of the debt purchased was PLN 3.79bn. Altogether, in 2013 the Group purchased 65...
Comment on Q1 2024 results by Michał Zasępa, CFO of KRUK S.A.
Q4 2023 Conference Call
Q3 2023 Results Conference Call (PL, ENG subtitles)
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