Current Report No. 1/2018: Dates of publication of interim reports in 2018

Acting pursuant to Par. 103.1 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of February 19th 2009 on current and periodic information (the “Regulation”), the Management Board of KRUK S.A. (the “Company”) announces the release dates for the Company’s full-year and interim reports to be published in the financial year 2018:

– Separate and consolidated full-year reports for 2017 will be published on March 4th 2018,

– Consolidated Q1 2018 report will be published on April 26th 2018,

– Consolidated H1 2018 report will be published on September 9th 2018, and

– Consolidated Q3 2018 report will be published on October 28th 2018.

The Company further announces that in 2018 it will continue to publish consolidated quarterly reports containing quarterly financial information referred to in Par. 83.1 of the Regulation and a consolidated half-year report containing condensed half-year financial statements referred to in Par. 83.3 of the Resolution instead of separately publishing quarterly and half-year consolidated and separate reports.

The Company also announces that pursuant to Par. 101.2 of the Regulation, it will not publish consolidated quarterly reports for Q2 and Q4 2018.

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