Current Report No. 11/2018: Accepting an offer to acquire shares in a company operating on the Italian market

The Management Board of KRUK S.A. (“KRUK”, the “Issuer”) announces that on March 28th 2018 it was notified that the existing shareholder of a company, operating on the Italian collection market (the “Company”), had accepted an offer to acquire 51% of Company’s shares (the “Shares”). Provisions of the offer assume the target holding of 100% shares in the Company in the next few months. The Company revenue in 2017 amounted to EUR 3.1m (PLN 13.1m, as translated at the mid-rate quoted by the National Bank of Poland for March 28th 2018).
The acquisition of the Shares will be in line with the KRUK Group’s strategy announced for 2015–2019, under which the KRUK Group will seek to grow also through acquisition projects.
The parties have agreed that the Share purchase agreement will be signed not later than May 31st 2018. The agreement will be announced by the Issuer promptly after its execution in another current report.

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