Current Report No. 20/2016: Allotment of bonds issued under the Third Public Bond Issue Programme

Further to Current Report No. 19/2016 of March 10th 2016 on the Third Public Bond Issue Programme (the “Programme”), the Management Board of KRUK S.A. (the “Company”) announces that on March 24th 2016 it passed a resolution (the “Resolution”) declaring the success of the issue of Series AB1 unsecured ordinary bearer coupon bonds (the “Bonds”), carried out as part of the Third Programme covered by the Base Prospectus approved by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority on February 4th 2016 (the “Prospectus”).
In the Resolution of the Company’s Management Board, the Bond issue was declared successful and 650,000 Bonds, each with a nominal value equal to the issue price of PLN 100 and with a total value of PLN 65,000,000, were allotted.
The period of subscription for the 650,000 Bonds was March 15th 2016 (inclusive) − March 23rd 2016 (inclusive). The Bonds were allotted on March 24th 2016. The issue was not divided into tranches.
In the subscription period, 979 Investors placed subscription orders for 3,362,205 Bonds. As a result, the Company allotted Investors 650,000 Bonds, with the reduction rate of 80.67%.
A detailed summary of the issue will be presented in a separate current report.
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