Current Report No. 24/2018: Decision to undertake review of strategic growth options

The Management Board of KRUK S.A. (the “Management Board”, the “Company”) announces that on July 9th 2018 it resolved to undertake a review of strategic growth options for the Company’s Group (the “Group”). The purpose is to select the best strategic option for the Company to deliver its long-term objective of growing the Group into a leading player on the European debt management market and making it achieve a significant position in Western Europe and elsewhere through organic growth and acquisitions. At the current stage, various strategic scenarios will be considered by the Management Board, particularly the one to attract an international financial partner, execute a differently structured transaction, or not to do any of the foregoing. In the near future, the Management Board plans to enter into an agreement with a financial adviser, who would support it in performing the review.  No decisions to select a specific strategic option have yet been made by the Management Board, and it is not certain if and when any such decisions would be made. Any updates on the review process will be publicly communicated by the Management Board in accordance with applicable laws.    

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