Current Report No. 39/2016: Appointment of Supervisory Members

The Management Board of KRUK S.A. (the “Company”) announces that on May 9th 2016 the Annual General Meeting of KRUK S.A. appointed, with effect as of the same date, the following persons to serve on the Company Supervisory Board: Katarzyna Beuch, Tomasz Bieske, Robert Koński, Arkadiusz Jastrzębski and Józef Wancer.
Below are presented the biographical notes of the new Supervisory Board members.
Katarzyna Beuch
Katarzyna Beuch graduated from the Faculty of Management and IT Studies of the Wrocław University of Economics. She also completed a postgraduate USAID programme for Polish bankers on assets and liabilities management and banking risk. In 2000, she was awarded a diploma of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Her professional career began in 1993 at the Department of Assets and Liabilities Management of Bank Zachodni S.A. in Wrocław. In 1996− 2006, Katarzyna Beuch worked at the Audit Department of Ernst & Young Audit Sp. o.o., where she progressed from the position of assistant to section manager and then manager. She dealt with audits of financial reports, due diligence projects and accountancy consulting at financial institutions, such as banks, leasing and insurance companies, pension and investment funds, and non-financial enterprises. From 2006 to 2012, she was with Getin Holding S.A., where she was a member of the Management Board and CFO (October 2009 - September 2012), and before that a Deputy CFO and commercial proxy of the company. Since September 2014, she has served as Head of the Accounting Department at Santander Consumer Bank. As a member of the Supervisory Board, Katarzyna Beuch meets the independence criteria set out in Principle II.Z.4 of Best Practice of GPW Listed Companies 2016. 
Tomasz Bieske
Tomasz Bieske graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Cologne in Germany. For six years, he worked at the Dresdner Bank’s head office in Frankfurt. After he returned to Poland in 1990, Tomasz Bieske co-founded Artur Andresen in Poland and served as head of the Financial Markets Group, where he was responsible for dealings with clients from the financial sector. When Andersen was merged with Ernst & Young, he assumed the position of head of the Financial Markets, Audit and Business Advisory Group of the combined firm. He has been involved in a majority of high-profile projects executed in the Polish financial services sector. The projects included planning of the public offerings of PKO BP S.A. and Kredyt Bank S.A., auditing the financial statements of the National Bank of Poland, PKO S.A. and Getin Holding, and developing a concept for the privatisation of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Tomasz Bieske also contributed to the development of a strategy for Bank Pocztowy and of a plan of operational changes for the Ministry of Finance. He was engaged in transactions to sell NPL portfolios, as well as in share valuations of private banks in Poland, and in a number of due diligence processes ordered by foreign investors. Since 2011, Tomasz Bieske has been part of a team working on changes to laws and business regulations governing the cooperative banking sector (EU Directive IV, proposed changes to Polish laws, co-operation with the Polish Ministry of Finance and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority). He has also established closed cooperation with the Polish Bank Association and the National Association of Cooperative Banks. He is a Polish chartered auditor, and the author of many publications on the banking sector and financial markets. In 2011, he was presented with a gold medal from the Polish Bank Assiciation for his contribution to the development of banking in Poland in 1991–2011. Until June 30th 2013, he worked for Ernst & Young. Tomasz Bieske is a member of the supervisory boards of KRUK S.A. Altus TFI S.A. and Prime Car Management S.A., as well as chairman of the supervisory board of FM Bank PBP.
Robert Koński
Robert Koński graduated from the John F. Kennedy School of Government (MPA), Harvard University and from Tufts University (BA) in the US. Since December 2013, he has been President of the Management Board and CEO of Rathdowney Resources Ltd., a Canadian exploration company developing a concept to construct zinc and lead ore mines in south-western Poland In 2012–2014, he was an advisor to the President of the Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. In 2008-2012, Mr Koński worked for Kulczyk Holding S.A., initially as a member of the Management Board and Chief Operating Officer, and from July 2010 as an advisor to the Management Board. Previously, he worked for six years for Euronet Worldwide, Inc., first as the head of Polish operations and then as Regional Director. Earlier, Robert Koński held the position of partner at Horton International (an executive search company), consultant at Egon Zehnder International, and Fixed Income Manager at IB Austria Securities S.A. In 1990−1995, as an advisor to the Minister of Finance (from Leszek Balcerowicz’s to Grzegorz Kołodko’s term), he was involved in the transformation and restructuring of the Polish financial services sector. He was also a member of the team that negotiated the agreement with the London Club. He is a member of the Board of the Harvard Club of Poland and serves on the Board of Trustees at the American School of Warsaw. Mr Koński is a member of the shooting section of C.W.K.S. Legia Warszawa, a sports club. 
Arkadiusz Orlin Jastrzębski
Arkadiusz Orlin Jastrzębski is a 1997 graduate of the Faculty of Finance and Banking at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), and of doctoral studies on competitiveness at the Collegium of World Economy at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). He has been actively involved in the Polish capital market since 1995. Mr Jastrzębski was one of the first investment advisors in Poland (licence No. 14). He is also a certified financial analyst (CFA, Association for Investment Management and Research, USA) and a licensed SFA Securities Representative (UK). His extensive professional experience includes international work. Since 1995, Mr Jastrzębski has held positions with investment banks (West Merchant Bank in London), investment firms (Raiffeisen Poland, NFI), private equity funds (Innova Central Europe), venture capital funds and consulting firms (Hexagon Capital Polska); he also worked as an entrepreneur (Red Point Sp. z o.o.) and served on supervisory boards of listed companies (Forte S.A., Koelner S.A., Atlanta Poland S.A., Polenergia S.A., Comp S.A., Integer.pl S.A., PayTel S.A.). Mr Jastrzębski is also experienced in investments on the capital, private equity and real estate markets, strategic
Józef Wancer 
Józef Wancer has a degree in economy from the City College of New York and in management and interpersonal relations from Webster University Vienna. He worked for Citibank for 25 years, serving as Vice-President and holding various management positions, including at the bank’s branches in Japan, Austria, United Kingdom, and France. In early 1990s, Mr Wancer began working as a manager in Poland. As an independent consultant, he was involved in the establishment of Citibank in Warsaw. In 1992, he was responsible for the organisation of Bank Rolno-Przemysłowy, and served as CEO of Legler Polonia from 1993 to 1994. For four years (1991–1994), he was member of the Supervisory Board of Powszechny Bank Kredytowy (PBK). In 1995–2000, Mr Wancer was Vice-President and then President of the Management Board of Centrobank of Warsaw. He was also President of the Bank BPH Management Board from 2000 to 2010. In 2010–2013, he was an advisor to the Management Board of Deloitte Polska, and in 2011–2013 – member of the Supervisory Board of Alior Bank, where he served as President of the Management Board from September 2013 to August 31st 2015. Józef Wancer also held the following positions:
– Member of the Supervisory Board of KRUK S.A.,
– Member of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the Financial Committee of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation,
– Member of the Board of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland,
– Member of the Board of Business Centre Club.
In recognition of his extraordinary achievements in the banking sector during Poland’s economic and political transformation, Józef Wancer was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit and the Order of Polonia Restituta.
Following the decision of the Annual General Meeting to appoint the above persons as Supervisory Board members and the submission of representations on the appointment of supervisory staff by the authorised shareholder, referred to in Current Report No. 36/2016 of May 4th 2016, the composition of the Supervisory Board of KRUK S.A. of the new term of office is as follows:
1. Krzysztof Kawalec – Member of the Supervisory Board,
2. Józef Wancer – Member of the Supervisory Board,
3. Tomasz Bieske – Member of the Supervisory Board,
4. Piotr Stępniak – Member of the Supervisory Board,
5. Katarzyna Beuch − Member of the Supervisory Board
6. Robert Koński – Member of the Supervisory Board,
7. Arkadiusz Orlin Jastrzębski – Member of the Supervisory Board.
Based on the submitted representations, none of the persons specified above is engaged in any activities competitive to the Company’s business or is a partner in any competitive partnership under civil law or another type of partnership, or a member of a governing body of any competitive company or other legal entity. Further, none of these persons is entered in the Register of Insolvent Debtors maintained pursuant to the Act on the National Court Register.
Detailed legal basis: Par. 5.1.22 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of February 19th 2009 on current and periodic information to be published by issuers of securities […].
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