Current Report No. 63/2023: Execution of annex to syndicated revolving credit facility agreement

Further to Current Report No. 35/2017 and Current Reports No. 43/2019, No. 40/2021, No. 54/2021, No. 47/2022 and No. 20/2023, the Management Board of KRUK S.A. (the “Company”) announces that the Company and its subsidiaries (jointly the “Borrowers”) have executed an annex (the “Annex”) to the revolving multi-currency credit facility agreement (the “Credit Facility”) entered into with a syndicate of banks (jointly the “Lenders”), which Agent is DNB Bank ASA. 
The Annex provides for an increase in the Credit Facility limit, up to EUR 525m and to extend the availability of the Credit Facility for July 3rd 2028. Prior to the execution of the Annex, the available amount of the Credit Facility was EUR 446m. 
At the same time, in connection with the Annex, the Issuer surety for the liabilities and declares that it has subjected itself to enforcement to the Credit Facility up to an amount of approximately EUR 863m.
No other terms of the Credit Facility agreement have been materially amended. 

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