Current Report No. 69/2022: Delivery of shares following conditional share capital increase

The Management Board of KRUK S.A. (the “Company”) announces that on October 5th 2022 a total number of 191,060 Series F shares of the Company (the “Shares”), acquired in exchange for subscription warrants under the incentive scheme adopted by Resolution No. 26/2014 of the Annual General Meeting of May 28th 2014, were recorded in the securities accounts of eligible persons. 
Accordingly, pursuant to the provisions of Art. 452.1 of the Commercial Companies Code, on the date when the Shares were recorded in the securities accounts the Company’s share capital was increased from PLN 19,127,730.00 to PLN 19,318,790.00, i.e. by PLN 191,060.00. 
Following the increase, the Company’s share capital amounts to PLN 19,318,790.00 and is divided into 19,318,790 shares with a par value of PLN 1.00 per share, including
a)    2,421,220 Series A ordinary bearer shares,
b)    11,366,600 Series AA ordinary bearer shares,
c)    1,250,000 Series B ordinary bearer shares,
d)    491,520 Series C ordinary bearer shares,
e)    1,100,000 Series D ordinary bearer shares,
f)    843,876 Series E ordinary bearer shares,
g)    845,574 Series F ordinary bearer shares,
h)    1,000,000 Series G ordinary bearer shares.

The total number of voting rights attached to all shares issued by the Company is 19,318,790.
The amount of the conditional share capital increase after the delivery of the Shares is as follows:
a.    with respect to Series F shares: PLN 2,376.00,
b.    with respect to Series H shares: PLN 950,550.00.
Detailed legal basis: Par. 5.8 and Par. 13 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of March 29th 2018 on current and periodic information […]

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