Current Report No. 71/2022: Cost summary of the Eighth Public Bond Issue Programme

In connection with the expiration of the Eighth Public Bond Issue Programme (the “Programme”) on September 2nd 2022, and further to Current Report No. 12/2021 of April 27th 2021, the Management Board of KRUK S.A. (the “Issuer”) discloses information on the costs incurred under the Programme. The total costs of the Programme, under which four issues of 500.000 AM1 Series bonds, 500.000 AM2 Series bonds, 500.000 AM3 Series bonds and 600.000 AM4 Series bonds were conducted, amounted to PLN 4.109.291. This amount includes: - costs related to the preparation and approval of the issue prospectus, including consultancy costs - PLN 111.781, - costs of preparing and conducting a bond offer - PLN 3.840.600 - costs of promotion of bond offers - PLN 156.910. The average cost of conducting offers per bond offered, with a nominal value of PLN 100 amounted to PLN 1,96 The Issuing Party did not bear the costs of sub-issuers' remuneration, because it did not conclude sub-issue agreements in connection with the bond offers. The Programme costs in the amount of PLN 3,876,600 were recognized as prepaid expenses and are charged to the financial result from the date of issue to the redemption date. The remaining costs of the Program in the amount of PLN 232,691 are charged to the Company's current operating expenses. Detailed legal basis: Par. 16.1 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of March 29th 2018 on current and periodic information […]

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